lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Styling Cold Shoulder Tops

Today I have two very exciting news to tell you! First, I have received two beautiful cold shoulder tops from Rosegal and I was finally able to shoot some outfit pictures to show you how I style them! And second, I have also finally started to work with a photographer!! I couldn't be any more excited about this because I feel like I'm finally getting the quality pictures I have always wanted for my blog :)
Anyway, going back to the newest additions to my wardrobe, I was for a long time obsessed with cold shoulder tops. I think it's one of my favorite Spring-Summer trends and I'm very excited that the warmer days are coming to Buenos Aires to start wearing them! 
First, I picked this lovely light blue cold shoulder top with this very cute bows because I think this color is very easy to style and it looks very elegant. The quality of this top is very good for the price and I think it fits me very well. I got this one in a size M and when I first received this piece and tried it on, I thought it was a little bit big for me but now I think the size is OK and exactly as it was explained on the website. Also, the top looks the same as the pictures from the site, which is always good!
I paired this top, with my dark blue skinny jeans from Zara, tanned ankle booties from Sibyl Vane and I picked a bag from Mango and my leather jacket from Stradivarius in the same shade because I love how this looks with the light blue from the top. 

In the second place, I picked this Gingham cold shoulder top because Gingham was also one of my favorite trends for Spring-Summer so if I can get a mix of two of my favorite trends in just one top, that's definitely the winner! I can't explain to you how much in love I am with this top! The quality is awesome for the price! It's a very soft cotton blend and it feels very nice on the skin. It also has some very cute bow straps in the sleeves which makes it even more special. And the best part of all is that it fits me perfectly! I also got this top in size M and I couldn't be any more satisfied with it :)
For this outfit, I decided to pair the top with my faux leather skirt from Zara, black ankle booties from Sibyl Vane as well, and a lovely black cross body bag from Carpisa.

Photography by Emilse Torrens (you can see more of her amazing work here)

I really hope you like these outfits and please let me know which one is your favorite! Also, I would love to get your feedback on the photography in this post! 

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This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal. However, all the opinions are my own.

jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

Day Trip to Zlatni Rat Beach

I was owing to you some posts about my summer trip! As some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I traveled to Croatia again! I know, it's such a small country but with so many beautiful places and cities to visit that I always feel like there is more to see, even though I already visited the country three times!  Crazy, isn't it?
Anyway, one of the places I was dying to see in this third visit was Zlatni Rat Beach because I have seen it all over Instagram and it looked incredible on pictures so I was really looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes! I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all. Zlatni Rat is without a doubt one of the must-visit beaches in Croatia because it has a very particular shape. It looks like a golden horn, and that is exactly what the name means if you translate it. Also, the water is extremely clear and it has the most amazing blue color I have ever seen in my life!

But before we continue, I would like to share with you some useful information. Zlatni Rat is located near a city called Bol, which is located on Brač island. This island is very close to Split and it's very easy to get there by ferry. There are plenty of ferries leaving from Split port to Brač island and the other way around all day, and the trip takes just one hour. Plus, I always enjoy a lot taking the ferry, it's very nice to be out in the Adriatic and to enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea. Once you arrive on Brač island, the ferry will leave you at Supetar port which is on one side of the island. Bol is located on the other side, so you need to take a bus to get there. The bus schedule is very well coordinated with the ferry schedule so, once you arrive it's very likely that you will have a bus waiting for you :) Also, the bus ride is very spectacular as well, and when you start getting close to Bol you can even see Zlatni Rat from there! I have to say I got very excited when I first saw it from the bus!

When you get to Bol Bus Station there is still a little walk until you can finally reach Zlatni Rat. It looks like it's such a long journey to get there but I can assure you that it's totally worth it! 
Even though this is a very popular beach and it's was quite crowded when I visited, it has a very large surface so you can find a nice spot for yourself there. One thing I loved about this beach, is that there is a part of it that has a lot of trees, so if you are feeling too hot from being in the sun and want to stay a little bit in the shade you can! In addition, this beach has everything you may need: toilettes and showers, a very cool beach bar, shops to buy ice cream, coffee, fruits, and smoothies. So you can easily spend your whole day here without any problems and I'm sure that once you get to the beach, those will be your plans! I really didn't want to leave this place!

As I said before, the water is, to me, the most impressive thing in Zlatni Rat. It's incredibly clear and it has the most beautiful light blue color with some emerald green shades! The water is fresh but it's not so cold, so after all the walk from Bol until you get to the beach you really appreciate the fresh water to cool down from the heat of the summer :)

Lastly, after relaxing and enjoying at the beach the whole day, at  5:30pm I started to walk back to Bol to take the bus and I also did some pretty nice pictures of the city, which I will be sharing with you in a future post! 
So, I hope you like the pictures and I would love to know if you knew about this beach and If you had the chance to visit it, I would love to know your thoughts!

lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017

Afternoon Tea at L'Orangerie

L'Orangerie is definitely one of my favorite spots in Buenos Aires. It's for sure the best place to enjoy the most perfect afternoon tea and I was very lucky to go there last week with one of my best friends to celebrate my birthday! 
It is located inside the Alvear Palace Hotel in Recoleta neighborhood and it has one part that it's like a winter garden and the other part it's located in the middle of the hotel. The Alvear Palace Hotel is one of the most beautiful and traditional hotels in the city so it's always very special to visit.

Their afternoon tea service includes very tasty sandwiches, scones, the most delicious French-style pastries and it also includes a cake, which you can choose. Along with that, you can enjoy different blends of tea but also you can drink coffee or hot chocolate. In my case, I have decided to enjoy their special Alvear tea blend which has almonds and rose petals and it was perfect!

One of the things, my friend and I loved about this place is that you can totally feel like a princess because everyone that works in the hotel treats you like that! The staff is extremely kind and professional but also very warm and friendly and that was a huge plus!

In addition, the decoration is completely stunning and luxurious so it was a perfect experience to enjoy that delicious tea and sweets at the most beautiful place in Buenos Aires. I hope you like the pictures and please let me know if you also like this kind of places! 

miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

Haul: My Birthday Gifts!

Last week I was a little missing from blogging because it was my birthday on Wednesday! I have spent the most beautiful and relaxed birthday, enjoying time with my family and my friends. And I have to say that this year I feel so grateful for all the amazing experiences I had, all the great people I have met and all the love I have received!
But for today's post, I would like to share with you the gifts I have received and I couldn't be any happier because my friends and family gave me some incredible gifts!! So let's start!!

Firstly, my mom and dad gave me two awesome gifts: a pair of sunglasses which I'm completely in love with and a lovely mug! The sunglasses are from a brand called Union Pacific and I really like this brand because of their quality and their designs. This pair looks different from the other ones I have so I can't wait to start wearing them! On the other hand, the mug is completely adorable!! I love the golden details and I think it looks so Instagram perfect! 

Then my brother and his wife gave this gorgeous bag from XL. I fell in love with this bag right away because I think it has the perfect size to fit everything I need without being too big! Also, the color is great and so easy to style!! I feel I'm going to wear this bag with every single outfit :)

Last but not the least my friends bought me the Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-In Concentrate hair serum from Kiehl's. My friends know me very well and they know how much I love to use different hair products and also how much I love Kiehl's so I was extremely happy with this gift! I thought it was very original and so useful!!

So, those were all the gifts I have received for my birthday. I couldn't be any happier with these gifts!! Please let me know what do you think and which one is your favorite :)

lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

Instamonth: September

Un pequeño recuento de mi último mes en Instagram...
A little recap from my last month on Instagram...

Mi look preferido para el verano / Favorite summer outfit 

Recuerdos de mis días de playa en Croacia / Memories of my beach days in Croatia  

La hermosa ciudad de Rovinj / Beautiful city of Rovinj 

 Cuando fui a visitar a mi amiga en Idstein, Alemania / When I went to visit my friend in Idstein, Germany 

El lago de Zürich / Zürich Lake 

El Palacio Diocleciano en Split / Diocletian's Palace in Split 

Rincones hermosos en Rovinj / Beautiful spots in Rovinj 

Otra bella postal de Zagreb / Another beautiful postcard from Zagreb 

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