lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

My Outfit for My Brother's Civil Wedding

Last week was a bit crazy for me because it was time to go back home from Croatia and also there were a lot of family events waiting for me in Buenos Aires. I landed last Monday evening and I had my mother's birthday on Wednesday and the next day it was my brother's civil wedding ceremony. Also, on Saturday we had the wedding party so I actually decided my return date based on these especial events because I wanted to be present for my family.
The good thing about this was that I was able to see my entire family all at once at the wedding ;) but I still didn't have time to see my friends. Anyway, I was very very happy and excited to share this very important moment with my family and for today's post, I want to show you the outfit I wore for the civil ceremony. The outfit for the wedding party I will show you in another post ;)
I have to confess that I was so focused on the party outfit that I didn't exactly plan what to wear for the civil ceremony but I was able to create a very nice and appropriate outfit with a few clothes I bought in Croatia. Well, I actually bought everything in Croatia but the blazer and sunglasses :P
So, I decided to wear a pair of blue skinny jeans from Zara because they look very polished but still quite casual and I paired them with a beautiful top from Massimo Dutti, which was one of the things I bought during the sale in Croatia. I added a black blazer from Desiderata, which I already had at home and a pair of sandals from H&M. Also. to include a little bit of colour, I wore the bag from Aldo that I also bought at their store in Zagreb because I think it's beautiful and fun. So I hope you like my outfit and I will show you the one for the wedding party very soon! :)

viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

Key Transitional Pieces from StyleWe

Finally, spring has come for those living in the northern hemisphere but since I'm back in Argentina, for me it's time for fall. Regardless of where are you living, I have found that dressing for spring and fall is more or less similar. We have to create transitional outfits in both cases because it's not warm or cold enough. We are still not ready for shorts and sandals nor for coats and boots. So, for me, getting dressed for this seasons is always the time I have most fun because I feel like I can mix a lot of different things and that I can create my favourite outfits. It's the best time to wear the pieces I love the most, which are jackets, trench coats, blazers and cardigans.
Therefore, for today's post, I want to show you some of my favourite transitional pieces from StyleWe, an amazing online store full of very chic and stylish garments.They have very good and diverse designs to fit every type of style and to help you create your perfect transitional outfit and any other kind of outfit you need.
Also, they have an amazing selection of purple party dresses, sexy dresses for club and tops you can buy in their web. In addition, I recommend checking out their blog in which you can find some good style advice, not only about clothing but also beauty. My favourite post is about easy ways to achieve perfect curly hairstyles because there is nothing better than completing an amazing outfit with a perfect looking hair.
So, I hope you like this selection of transitional pieces and please let me know which are your favourite clothes to wear for spring or fall :)

viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

Style Inspiration from the streets of Zagreb

One of my favourite activities in this city is definitely to sit in some cafe, enjoy a good cappuccino maybe with a delicious piece of cake and just watch the people passing by. It's not only a very relaxing activity but also very inspiring because all the people here in Zagreb are so elegant and stylish!!
The women are so feminine and chic, but also very trendy as well, and they are always very well dressed even if it just for going for a coffee, everyone here really tries to look at their best and I love that! It really motivates me to try to create amazing outfits and try different things to improve my style!
So for today's post, I wanted to share with you some inspiration from the streets of Zagreb that I have found in some great street style blogs from the city: StyleZagreb, which is my favourite, I really recommend that you check it out; Style Seconds, which has more editorial kind of photos but is also very good, and CroModa. So I hope you like them as much as I do!! :)

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Carnival in Rijeka

As I just came to Croatia during the month of February, I thought it would be a great idea to take a look at the Carnival Celebrations in this country and I was recommended to go to the Carnival in Rijeka because it is the biggest one here. The celebrations were held during the entire month with different activities and shows every day but the main event was on Sunday 26th and that's the day I have visited Rijeka to check it out!
I went to Rijeka by bus, which took me around 2 and a half hours, and it's very easy to get there because there are a lot of bus connections between Rijeka and Zagreb. The main celebration event started at 12 pm and I arrived at 12:30 so I was right on time!
Rijeka is a very charming city, I couldn't explore very much, but the centre where the celebrations were held has some very beautiful old buildings and also there is a very nice port. In addition, the road to get there goes all through the mountains so, it's actually very impressive and attractive, which is always a plus!
One of the best things about going to Rijeka is that I was able to meet a couple of Argentinians at the bus, how crazy is that!!! They were travelling around Europe and they decided to also check out the Carnival in Rijeka and then go to Venice to keep celebrating! So we had a lot of fun together and took a lot of pictures! It's always so nice when you meet people from your own country while being so far away from home.
Anyway going back to the main event, basically, it was a huge parade with many different groups dressed in very cool costumes. You could really see that they had put a lot of effort and love into creating those dresses and every group had like a particular theme and they were all disguised according to that theme. You could see a group of Minions, Mario Bros, people dressed like in Lord of the Rings and so on! But what I liked the most about this Carnival was the atmosphere!! Everyone was so happy and having a great time that it was a very nice thing to see. All of them were so excited and proud that we were taking pictures of their costumes and all the people had the best attitude towards us. I also loved that people of all ages were having fun, kids, young people, old people, families, everybody was having a great time and that was so cool!
So I really had an amazing day at Rijeka, I was able to dance a lot, to enjoy, to have fun and to see some different carnival celebrations but still, everywhere in the world, they have the same fun and playful spirit and that's what I love about celebrating carnival! Hope you like the pictures!!


 This has to be my favourite picture! :)

Rijeka's Port