lunes, 29 de agosto de 2016

Summer Must Have: Off the Shoulder Top

Realmente ya no puedo esperar para que los días cálidos lleguen a Buenos Aires, principalmente para poder empezar a usar todas las prendas de verano que me compré durante el viaje, que se las voy a mostrar pronto en otro post, pero también porque vi tendencias muy interesantes para la próxima temporada y, definitivamente, mi preferida es la blusa con los hombros al descubierto.
Me parece que esta prenda es extremadamente femenina y sexy pero también es muy versátil ya que la podemos combinar con unos shorts de jean y unas sandalias boho para lograr un look de verano totalmente casual o, si queremos un outfit más formal podemos combinarla con una pollera o unos pantalones de vestir tipo culotte.
Estas blusas me gustan muchísimo así que espero verlas pronto en las marcas de ropa acá en Argentina, pero mientras tanto me gustaría compartirles un poco de inspiración de parte de algunas de mis bloggers favoritas. Espero que les guste!!

I really can't wait for warmer days to come to Buenos Aires, mainly because I really want to start using all the summer garments I bought during my trip, which I'm going to show you in another post, but also because I saw some really cool trends for this new season and my favourite one is definitely the Off the Shoulder Top.
I think this item is extremely feminine and sexy but also very versatile because you can wear it with denim shorts and boho sandals for a totally casual summer look or, if you want something more stylish you can wear it with a skirt or some culotte dress pants.
I'm really loving these kind of tops so I'm hoping to see them soon in the stores in Argentina, meanwhile I would like to share some inspiration with you from my favourite bloggers! Hope you like it! :)


viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

My Experience Travelling Solo

As many of you know, this year I did my first solo trip and it was quite an experience I must say. I'm really happy and proud that I was able to overcome this fear and follow my dream. I think this experience taught me a lot of things and I would like to share them with you, so in case you're thinking about travelling alone for the first time you decide to do so ;)
So, the things I have learnt in my first solo trip are:

1. To trust other people: I think this was the most important thing I have learnt from this experience. Since we are little, we have heard that we shouldn't talk with strangers, that we shouldn't trust people we don't know but when you're all alone in a foreign place you often need to talk to strangers and trust them in order to ask for help. During this trip, I have learnt to relax, I've learnt not to be always on guard and to ask anyone in case I need help and what's most important, you'll be surprised of how many nice and kind people are there in the world!

2. That getting to know people is easier than it seems: In my three weeks abroad I have found myself talking with random people everywhere!! You can get to know people in many places, not only at the hostels but on planes, buses, airports, during walking tours, waiting at the bus station, anywhere is a good place to meet new people. The only important thing is to have a smile and stay positive and people will just approach to you. 

3. To take advantage of the time alone: at the beginning I felt a little weird to go out and have lunch and dinner on my own but as the time passed and I started to feel more confortable I ended up really enjoying those moments, eating on my own. I often used that time to connect to wifi and chat with my family and friends or to post pictures on Instagram.
Also whenever, I was visiting a place on my own I realized that it was the perfect time to get creative and record the videos for my video blog or to do some artistic photos, because when you're alone you can take all the time you need to do the perfect shot.

4. That I was more corageous than what I thought: when you're alone you have to manage all by yourself. Before the trip, I tried to do all the research possible to feel more confident but once you're travelling all sorts of unexpected things may happen, and that's the perfect opportunity to realize how full of courage and resources you are to solve things and to overcome fears.

5. That people have many things in common no matter where they are: Humans are just that: Humans. No matter where they live, there are some shared values that all of us have. My experience travelling to the Balkans, which is such a diverse place has taught me that. I have met very different people, but still I was able to understand and get along with everyone because in the end we are all humans, and we must always remember that.

So my experience travelling alone was absolutely positive, I'm very happy that I did this trip and I encourage everyone who wants to do something like this to definitely do it, it will open your mind so much! And in case you have already done a solo trip, I would love to read about your experience!

miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Krka National Park Photodiary

Continuamos con las fotografías de mi viaje a Croacia. En el post de hoy les quiero mostrar otro hermoso parque nacional que tiene este país: las cataratas de Krka.
Ya sé que lo dije varias veces, pero me encantan las cataratas así que este fue uno de los principales motivos por el cual también visité este parque. El Parque Nacional Krka es bastante similar a los Lagos de Plitvice pero Krka tiene el plus de que te podés meter al agua en una de sus partes y la verdad que es una experiencia muy linda. El agua se ve tan hermosa y pura que te dan muchas ganas de meterte.
Si tienen suficiente tiempo, mi recomendación es que vayan a ambos parques, ya que en Plitivice se quedarán sin aliento por lo imponente que es pero en Krka podrán disfrutar de una experiencia mucho más cercana. De todas formas, en ambos parques la naturaleza es absolutamente hermosa.
Por otro lado, para visitar este parque no contraté ningún tour. Simplemente fui a la terminal de autobuses de Split y me tomé un colectivo para ir hasta el parque, fue muy sencillo y una vez allá, para recorrer el parque solamente basta con seguir los senderos. Así que realmente, no es necesario contar con un guía turístico. Espero que les gusten las fotos!!!

We continue with the photodiaries from my trip to Croatia. In today's post I want to show you another beautiful National Park this country has: Krka Waterfalls. 
I know I have said this many times, but I love waterfalls so that's why I also went to this park. Krka Waterfalls are pretty similar to Plitvice Lakes park but, Krka has the plus that you can swim in one part of the park and that is a very nice experience. The water looks so clean and beautiful that you really feel like swimming in it.
If you have enough time, I recommend that you visit both parks, Plitvice will take your breath away because it's totally stunning and in Krka National Park you will enjoy a closer experience. In both places, the nature is absolutely beautiful.
I didn't book any tour to go to Krka, I only went to the bus station in Split and I took a regular bus to get to the park, it was really easy and once you get there you can just follow the paths to see the complete park, you don't really need a tour guide. I hope you like the pictures!!!

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

My Travel Video Blog Part 2: Bosnia and Serbia

Hoy estoy muy contenta de compartirles la segunda parte del vídeo blog que hice de mi último viaje, en este caso les estoy mostrando unas lindas imágenes y recuerdos de mis días en Bosnia y Serbia, y también les muestro un poco de Estambul, ya que estuve 20 horas en esta ciudad y, por suerte, pude recorrer un poco. Espero que les guste el vídeo y recuerden que pueden suscribirse a mi canal de Youtube! ;)

Today I'm super excited to share with you the second part of my travel video blog, in this case I'm showing you some nice images and memories from Bosnia, Sebia and also a little bit of Istanbul, because I was there for 20 hours, and luckily I was able to do some sightseeing in this beautiful city. I hope you like the video and remember you can subscribe to my Youtube channel! ;)

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Getting Ready to Go Out with Airtime!

When we organize a night out with my friends, there are always a lot of messages going around to decide where are we going to go, what are we going to do and what are we going to wear. We are always exchanging pictures of our outfits, calling each other, getting ready for an incredible night. What if I told you that you can do all of this with your group of girls with just one app? An app that also allows to share your favourite playlists from Spotify or your favourite Youtube videos so you can arrange all your plans and also enjoy good music, sing and dance together!

Last week I have been contacted by the people from Airtime, a new app that allows you to video chat with up to 5 friends and exchange your favourite music through Spotify or Youtube and I thought this was an amazing idea! There's nothing I enjoy more than to share good music with my friends and to be able to do this live while videochating with them is a total hit! This app also allows you to send text messages, pictures and even short videos so you can share everything you need with them in just one app no matter where they are. And the best of all, it's totally free! 

So for this post I want to share with you my ultimate Getting Ready Spotify playlist! This playlist includes some of my favourites from Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Drake, Sia and Beyoncé and I think it's pretty good for dancing, singing and getting in the mood for an awesome night out! What would you include in yours?

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