lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

I was really looking forward to writing this review because I'm so in love with this product!! I feel like it changed my life in regards to my skincare. But before we continue any further, let's go back to the beginning: why did I buy this product in the first place?
Well, I was for a long time looking for some kind of serum to apply to my skin during my night time routine but I didn't have any references or idea about what to buy. I was always pretty curious about trying Kiehl's products because I have heard many amazing things about them but I wasn't exactly thinking about buying the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I don't know exactly why but it wasn't on my radar until I went to the Kiehl's store in Zagreb. 
In one of my many visits to the Arena Centar Mall, I stopped by their store because I was looking for the BB Cream, which I have already tried and I was determined to buy, but the lovely Kiehl's representative was so kind to really look out my skin type and explained a lot to me about their products and how to correctly apply them, she made me try a few products there and I ended up also buying their Avocado Eye Treatment, which I also love! 
The thing is that she also gave me a lot of samples for me to try and she strongly recommended me to try the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. So, I remember that night I was super excited to use that product sample and the next morning the results were amazing! My skin looked so bright, the tone was more even, it looked super healthy, hydrated and nourished. It was incredible! I never expected this product to make such a difference in my skin but after seeing the results I went back to the store to buy it. I was so thankful that the Kiehl's representative suggested me to try it and also gave me the sample and explain to me how to apply it correctly every night. To me, that was Customer Service goals and I really need it to mention it here as well! 

But anyway, going back to the product review, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is very easy to use: I apply it every night after cleaning my face and applying a toner, I just use two drops of it, massage it through my hands to distribute the product correctly and then I just apply it on my face by gently pressing my hands to my skin for it to absorb the product. 
The texture is, of course, oily but it's very light and it absorbs so quickly that you don't feel like you have just applied oil to your face. It has a perfect combination of essential oils, including lavender oil which is my absolute favourite, to completely restore and nourish the skin during the night. The scent is very subtle and natural. In fact, I can only recognise a little bit of lavender in the smell of this product, which feels super fresh and relaxing.
Last but not the least, the results of using this product are so visible the next morning that it's shocking! It's helping me a lot with acne problems, to clear some dark spots I have on my skin and as I said before, the skin looks incredibly bright, healthy and hydrated.

I hope this review is helpful to those of you who may have been thinking about buying the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl's and If you already have this product please let me know your thoughts in the comments! :)

miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

Winter in Croatia and Slovenia Second Video!!

El mes pasado, les compartí mi primer video del viaje que hice a Croacia el pasado febrero y como realmente tuve oportunidad de grabar muchos videos durante esos días, decidí dividir todo este contenido en dos videos más cortitos para hacerlo más divertido y dinámico.
En el primer video se pueden ver algunas imágenes del centro de Zagreb, el parque Maksimir, la ciudad de Varazdin y el castillo de Trakoscan, y se veía todo muy nublado y frío pero les había avisado que no se preocuparan que no todos los días habían sido así. Por suerte pude disfrutar de muchos días hermosos y soleados, los cuales compilé en este segundo video!
Acá van a poder encontrar un montón de imágenes de la hermosa ciudad de Zadar, que incluyen algunas calles del centro histórico, el Foro de Zadar y, por supuesto, el Órgano del Mar y el Saludo al Sol. También incluí un par de videos de mi día en Eslovenia junto con algunas imágenes de la ciudad de Samobor (ya voy a escribir un post sobre este lugar). Por último pero no menos importante, agregué las imágenes del Festival de Las Luces de Zagreb, que consistió en unos shows de luces muy interesantes durante 4 días en lugares clave de la ciudad. Me encantó realmente como quedaron estos videos así que espero que les guste mucho esta pequeña compilacion de mi viaje! :)

Last month I posted the first video of my trip to Croatia back in February and as I really recorded a lot of videos during those days, I decided to split it into two short videos to make it more fun and dynamic. 
The first one featured some images of Zagreb, Maksmir Park, Varazdin and Trakoscan Castle and it looked super cloudy and cold but I have advised you not to worry because my winter days back in Croatia weren't all like that. Thankfully there were a lot of beautiful sunny days that I was able to enjoy and I have put them all together in this second video! 
Here you can find a lot of images of the beautiful city of Zadar, some streets in the old town, the Zadar Forum and, of course, the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun. Also, I have included a couple of images from my day trip to Slovenia as well as some cute videos from Samobor (I will be writing a post on this city soon). Last but not the least, there are some images of the Festival of Lights in Zagreb, which consisted of some cool light shows during 4 days in key spots in the city. I really love how these videos came out so I really hope you enjoy this little recap of my trip! :)

lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Sibyl Vane Boots Wishlist

Ya estamos a sólo dos días del invierno!! Pueden creer lo rápido que está pasando el tiempo? Ya estamos a mitad del año!! Es una locura! Pero de todas formas, el iniverno tiene algunas cosas especiales que uno espera. Personalmente, me encanta vestirme para los días fríos porque me parece super glamoroso usar bufandas, guantes, botas, etc. También se puede usar mucho cuero y piel sintétitca que son dos de mis texturas favoritas. Sin dudas, es el mejor momento para ponerse creativos y divertirse creando looks con miles de capas. Por otro lado, también espero del invierno, esas tardes tranquilas al lado de la estufa de mi casa, disfrutando de un rico té o café.
En fin, como relamente estaría necesitando comprarme algunos pares de botas para este invierno me pareció una buena idea compartirles mis favoritos en esta wishlist de Sibyl Vane.
Esta marca es, sin dudas, una de mis preferidas de zapatos y botas ya que el cuero que usan es de una excelente calidad y te las podes poner hasta el cansancio. Duran más de una temporada y eso me parece una gran ventaja ya que por el precio que tienen las considero como una inversión.
También me parece que tienen unos diseños muy clásicos pero siempre esta marca encuentra la forma de agregarle algún detalle más de tendencia que le da un toque super especial a cualquier bota o zapato. 
Espero que les guste este wishlist, y por favor me encantaría que me comentaran cuál de estas botas es la que más les gusta! :)

I'm just two days away from Winter!!! Can you believe how quick the time goes by?? We are already in the middle of the year!! This is totally insane! But anyway, the winter season has many amazing things to look forward to! Personally, I always like to dress up for cold days, there is something super glamorous about wearing scarves, gloves, boots. And also, you can wear a lot of leather and a lot of faux fur. It's totally the best time in the year to get creative and have fun layering your clothes. On the other hand, I also always look forward to spending some cosy afternoons relaxing by the fire at home, drinking hot tea or coffee.
Anyway, since I really need to stock on some new boots for this winter season, I thought I would share some of my favourite pairs with you on this Sibyl Vane boots wishlist. 
Sibyl Vane is by far one of my favourite brands for shoes and boots because they have amazing quality leather and all the shoes I bought at this store, I have been using them to death! They last for more than one season and that's a major plus because they are a little bit of an investment. Also, I think that they always find a very good way to combine classic designs, which you can wear with everything, but with a trendy detail that makes them more special. So, I hope you like this Wishlist and please let me know which pair of boots is your favourite! I would love to know! :)

miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Nitolic Sunrise Lemon Creme Review

This product was sent to me to review. However, all the opinions are mine.

A few days ago I was super excited because I have finally received my Nilotic Creme and I was really looking forward to trying it and share this review with you! I was contacted like one month ago by the lovely people from Nilotic and they sent me their product for me to review it so here are all my thoughts about this cream.
First of all, let me tell you a little bit more about the company. Nilotic is a brand which produces their cream with pure natural shea fruit butter and natural ingredients, 100% animal cruelty-free and supporting fair trade. In fact, they collaborate to empower women and communities across rural Uganda because for every order placed, they are contributing in planting 3 trees in Northern Uganda, providing 3-week education for a child in need in Kampala, Uganda and hosting routine woman empowerment workshops in East Africa for rural women. It always makes me so happy when I'm able to get to know and collaborate with brands which not only create a very high-quality product but also they have a very clear vision of a better world and take concrete actions to achieve that. 
Moving onto the Nilotic Creme review, in my case, I ordered the Sunrise Lemon cream which apart from having 100% organic, virgin and unrefined shea fruit butter, it has 100% pure lemon skin oil. It's important to add that all of their products are high in natural phytonutrients for anti-aging moisturization and they are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Plus, they are suitable for all skin and lip types because they are so pure and natural!

My First Impressions:

I'm going to start by mentioning how much I love the packaging of this product, it's very clean and natural made of 100% sustainable bamboo and it looks amazing! Also, it really contains a lot of product (50ml) and I'm sure it will last for a long time.
Another thing that really shocked me was the smell of this cream, it really smells like freshly cut lemon, the scent is so natural, powerful and delicious I really felt like I was opening a lemon cake! It's incredible!

Applying the Product:

One great thing about this product is that you can apply it wherever you need, it's not only designed for your face skin. You can use it on your face, lips, hands and body, and it helps you to hydrate, rejuvenate and relieve the dry skin or lips and also it's good for insect bites, wrinkles and for acne treatment. That is a big plus for me because I love products that you can use for different things and I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of use out of this cream.
Another awesome aspect, it's that you only need to apply a tiny amount of the product, you only need to cover your fingertip with it, and that's enough for your entire face because even though the product has a solid texture like butter it melts in your skin, which makes it so easy to spread all over. After I finish applying the product, my face feels so hydrated and nourished and in the morning my skin looks perfect and feels incredibly soft. I have been using it for many days now and I can totally see that this cream helped me with my acne so I'm very happy with that.

So to wrap up this review I have to say that I'm very satisfied with this product, so far I have only seen very good results, my skin is brighter, hydrated, soft and I'm also getting great results with my acne, which is a great plus! In case you would like to try this Nilotic Creme or any other of their products just go to their website and you can use my special discount code: LOVESKIN867604 to get 20% OFF! Hope you find this review helpful and please let me know if you have used this product, I would really love to know your thoughts and opinions.

lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

Favourite Nail Polish Shades for Winter

A medida que los días comienzan a enfriarse en Buenos Aires (la semana pasada hizo tanto frío que ya empecé a usar mi tapado y mi bufanda), los colores de mis esmaltes de uñas también empiezan a volverse más oscuros y profundos. No se bien por qué, pero me resulta muy glamoroso llevar un esmalte de color bien oscuro en estos días fríos, como un marrón oscuro o un violeta que se vea casi negro. Me parece que combinan mucho mejor con el tono y el estado de animo de mi guardarropa de invierno. Asímismo, otro color que me encanta usar durante esta temporada es el bordeaux, me parece que es un tono que siempre se ve impecable! Así que para el post del día de hoy, les quería compartir mis tres tonos de esmalte preferidos para el invierno. Estos son los esmaltes que uso continuamente en esta temporada porque me parece que tienen unos tonos hermosos, muy chic y que van perfecto con mi paleta de colores de invierno. Cuáles son sus colores preferidos para el invierno? Tienen alguno de estos esmaltes? Me encantaría conocer sus opiniones ;)

As the days start to get colder here in Buenos Aires (last week was so cold, I already started to wear my coat and scarf) my nail polish shades start to get darker as well. I don't know exactly why, but there is something extra glamorous about wearing a deep shade for these cold days, like dark brown or dark purple, they just match better with the mood and the tone of my winter wardrobe. Also, another shade that I love to wear during this season is bordeaux, I think it always looks perfect! So for today's post, I would like to share with you, my 3 favourite nail polish shades for winter. These are the nail polish I continuously wear throughout the season because I think they are gorgeous, chic and really go well with every colour of my winter palette. What are your favourite shades for winter? Have you got any of these nail polish? I would love to know ;)

Revlon Parfumerie, shade Bordeaux 

Dior Vernis, Shade 918 Hypnotic 

Sally Hansen, shade 510 Pat on the Black