viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

From Day to Night with AUrate

In this modern world, we are always running from one place to the next, from one meeting to another, from the office to an event or a night out. Most of the times, we don't even have the chance to stop by our house to change our outfit or to fix our make up. And we don't really feel like carrying around a lot of stuff to be able to do this transition from day to night, from going to the office to going for a drink.
Part of being an empowered woman nowadays, consists in having the ability to always present yourself in the best possible way, looking confident and showing your personality. 
One of our best allies in achieving this mission is jewelry. Adding jewelry to any outfit is the most effective way to show our own special touch and our personal style. 
Also, jewelry is one of the most easy ways to change the vibe of an outfit, it allows you to turn a look that it's more sober and office appropiate to something more chic and glamourous for the night, without even changing your clothes.
So, for today's post I was inspired by AUrate, which is an amazing jewelry brand based in New York city, to share some ideas on how to turn your daytime outfit into nightime.

AUrate specializes in gold jewelry of the finest quality with timeless designs that will allow you to use their jewelry forever. All of their products are handmade in New York city from ethically sourced materials and their goal is to offer high quality products at honest price and to empower their community to give back to the world. They have recently launched an initiative called A Book for your Look, in which, for every piece of jewelry that is sold they donate a book to a child in need to empower the kids through reading.I think this is an excellent initiative and I'm very happy to be able to share it with you today.

So, going back to the outfit, I chose very basic pieces because I wanted to get a simple yet stylish look. For the daytime, I picked a classic pair of dark blue skinny jeans with a black top and, to make it more office appropiate, I added a white blazer. The accesories for this look would be the Asymmetric Pearl Ear Jacket from AUrate, black sandals with a square medium heel for more confort, sunglasses and a nice black bag.
For the night outfit, the idea was to get everything in black with golden details so that the jewelry pieces could really stand out. I kept the jeans, the black top and the sandals and I added the Gold Bar Necklace and the Inverse Cuff from AUrate. To look even more chic and sophisticated, I also changed the bag for a smaller one that has golden details as well.
I hope you liked this day to night inspiration and let me know in the comments below which item is your favourite ;)

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