lunes, 26 de marzo de 2018

Boho Vibes with Sammydress

For today's post, I would like to show you some amazing items I have received from Sammydress, a web store I'm collaborating with. I have noticed that a few of the items I have picked from this mini haul have a little bit of a boho vibe, which I think it's very appropriate for this time of the year, with Spring just around the corner for many of you, and festival season very close too :) 

So, the first item I picked was this beautiful white blouse, which totally has that boho-chic vibe and I think would be the perfect piece to get that festival look. One of the things I love the most about this top is the batwing sleeve because it looks a lot more interesting and at the same time very casual and effortless. 
I was very surprised at the quality of the fabric, it's a mix of cotton and polyester and it has some crochet details that make the blouse look a lot more expensive than it actually is! 
In regards to the size, I got a Medium, which I think was the only option available, but it fits me very well, taking into consideration that it's supposed to be loose. So, in overall, I'm very happy with this blouse and I'm sure I will wear it a lot! 

Next, I received this rounded crossbody bag, which I'm absolutely obsessed with! I think this bag it's the perfect accessory to go with the top because it totally completes the boho vibe! The brown color along with the tassel detail on the zipper make this bag festival ready and perfect for Spring season! 
That's why I paired the two together in this outfit along with some H&M jeans and my old time favorite boots from Sybil Vane. If you would like to make this outfit a little bit more casual you can wear some shorts instead of jeans and it would look amazing too! 

Then, I also received the faux leather jacket I have shown you before on my Re-creating Instagram Outfits post and I have to say that this has become my favorite jacket at the moment. I love how it fits me and I think it has the perfect length. In regards to the quality, it's made of faux leather and it's OK for the price you are paying. I got it in a size L because I checked on the size chart that they were quite a slim fit. 

Last but not the least, I picked a very nice arrow bracelet. I really like this bracelet because it looks very delicate and feminine. The quality is good and the product looks exactly as on the website. So, I'm very satisfied with this one too. 

So, these were all the products I have received from this store, I really hope you like them and the outfit as well! Let me know which one was your favorite! ;)

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

New Products from Gearbest

Hello everyone!! Hope that you are all having a lovely week so far! For today's post, I would like to share with you a review from a new store I'm collaborating with. I'm talking about Gearbest, a store where you can find anything you want at a very good price! 
They have kindly sent me a few products so that I can review their quality and share my thoughts with you! So, let's start!

The first item I have received was this lovely bag, which is a very interesting dupe of the Chloe mini Nile bag and I really wanted to check how this one looked because it's a very popular bag at the moment. So, this was the item that I was more excited about. 
I have to say that I'm very impressed with the quality of the bag, it's made of faux leather but the material looks very resistant and the bag holds its shape perfectly. Also, the gold hardware and all the stud details look very nice quality too. 
So this bag is a very good dupe if you would like to get that Chloe Nile bag look for less and in case you are interested in getting this bag or any of the other bags from the site I have a special coupon code for you so you can get some discount on the items you want ;) Just use the code: bagshoesoff to get the special discount on bags and shoes

Gearbest Bag

Gearbest Bag Top Handle Detail

Gearbest Bag Detail

Gearbest Chain Detail

Next, I have received a bamboo makeup brushes set which I'm very satisfied with! It contains 11 different brushes from foundation brushes to eyeshadow brushes and I think this set is perfect if you want to have all the basic brushes you need to create a complete makeup look. All the brushes are synthetic and they are extremely soft. I have tried already the foundation ones and I have to say that they work perfectly! I'm really getting some excellent results on my makeup when I use this brushes. Again, I also have another coupon code in case you are looking to get a good makeup brush set, just use the code: HEAB10OFF in order to get 10% off in the Health and Beauty section! 

Gearbest Make-up Brush Set

Gearbest Make-up Brush Set 2

And last but not the least, I have received this beautiful pair of shoes, which are very Chanel inspired. I think this kind of shoes are great because they are super stylish and classic so they are very easy to style with everything. I picked the beige shade with black because I like the contrast but you can also get them in all black, which I also think is very elegant. I got this shoes in size 37 which is my normal size and they fit perfectly so I'm very happy about that but as I said in my previous post I always recommend checking the size guide to make sure. Also, the quality of the shoes is very good, they are made of synthetic leather and the black detail is made of faux suede which I think looks very pretty. In case you want to get this shoes discounted or any other shoes from the site, you can use the same bagshoesoff coupon code. 

Gearbest Shoes Review

Gearbest Shoes Details

Gearbest Shoes Details  2

So, these were all the products I have received from Gearbest, I'm very satisfied with the overall experience with this store and I love everything they have sent me. In case you would like to check out their women apparel section you can also get a good discount if you use the code APPARELoff ;)

I hope you find this post useful and please let me know which item was your favorite!! 

*Gearbest has kindly gifted me these items for review. However, all opinions are my own.

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2018

3 Tips on How to Shop from Chinese Websites

Last year I have started to collaborate with a lot of Chinese websites and as I have been reviewing and promoting a lot of their items lately I thought it was a good idea to share with you some of my tips on how to shop on this kind of web stores because I know that there are a lot of doubts in regards to the quality and the sizes of the clothes.

So, in case you are considering shopping and giving Chinese websites a go, I would like to help you to get exactly what you want from the shop and give you my tips so that you don't get any surprises once the package arrives. Also, these tips would be very useful for shopping online in general, not only on Chinese websites, because as you are not trying the clothes you want to make sure that everything fits you and it's exactly what you are looking for.

So, let's get started with the tips! ;)

1- Check the size chart and all the measurements

This information is key for you to get the size that fits you perfectly! My advice would be to not follow your traditional size if you normally buy an S or an M that may not be the case here. So what you have to do is look at the size chart and then the Size Conversion Chart where you can see all the measurements for each size and for that specific piece of clothing. Do this with each item you would like to shop since not all of them are cut the same. Normally Asian sizes tend to be a little smaller than the regular sizes but that doesn't apply to all the items. I have bought some items in my normal size, which is S, but also I have bought some pieces in sizes M or even L, so it really depends on each particular piece. An extra tip would be to always have a centimeter handy when you are shopping to measure yourself and see how long or not that piece would be. Your centimeter is your best friend here! 

For Example, you would like to buy the S, so you see that it corresponds to Size 4 (US) 

Then you can see on the Size Conversion Chart, which are the measurements for size 4 (US) and the equivalent sizes.

2- Always read the description to check the information about materials and colors

I have read this a lot in different blogger reviews: "the color wasn't exactly as the one in the picture" and to avoid having this problem, the best solution is to read the description. There you will find which is the exact color of that piece you would like to buy. Because sometimes the pictures tend to be confusing in regards to the colors if they have some kind of filter the color may look a bit different from what it is like in real life. 
In fact, this happened to me with a bomber jacket I have recently received, from the picture I thought it was brown and beige and I ordered it. The truth is I didn't read the description and then when the jacket arrived it was actually black and beige so I checked back on the website to see if I had mistaken and requested a different color but no, it was actually black just the picture looked different because it had some kind of filter. 
This same rule applies to the materials, everything looks pretty on the pictures but if you are not sure about the fabric, the best is to read on the description to find out if it is all polyester or a mix of cotton and polyester,  etc. By doing this you make sure you won't get any surprises when the package arrives, and you get exactly what you wanted. 

3- Read the reviews

Last but not the least, I would advise you to look for the reviews of other people who have already bought that item. This would give you an idea of how the product worked for them. In most of the cases, customers even put a picture of them wearing the item so this is even better for you to see how the piece actually looks like!
This is something very positive I have seen on Chinese websites since most of the products have some kind of review, which includes pictures and I find this super helpful.

So, this is it!! I really hope this post was helpful to those of you who may be considering buying something from a Chinese website. In my personal experience, I have received exactly what I was expecting most of the times, just one time I received a necklace that was broken but all the rest of the items were perfect and I think these tips would help you to shop smartly if you want to get something from this type of shops. 

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018

Monthly Favorites!

Monthly Favorites Seize your Style

Before we start with this monthly favorites, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing comments and feedback you gave me on my last post and video!! It made me so happy that you also liked the idea of re-creating Instagram looks! I would try to make more videos like that in the future if you want! ;)

Anyway, there were a few new products I have been loving and using a lot during last month so I thought I would share them with you in this edition of Monthly Favorites! Let's start! :)

Monthly Favorites Seize your Style 2

1- Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Cream

I have just recently bought this new Nivea Cleansing cream and I'm loving it so far! The texture is very creamy and nice, it has the typical Nivea scent and I feel like it does a very good job cleaning my skin. I use it every morning and at night as well, and what I love about this product the most is that as this is very creamy it doesn't leave my face feeling dry after using it. On the contrary, I feel it quite hydrated so this is one of my favorites this month for sure! 

2- Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream

Continuing with skincare favorites, this Neutrogena Eye cream has also been one of my recent successful purchases. I have picked this product because I have heard very good things about it from some of my fellow bloggers so I was very interested in trying this out!
I really love the gel-cream texture it has because it feels very light and gentle. Also, I find it very refreshing when I apply it in my eye are and that is always a plus for me! ;)

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream

3- Mavala Miss Chic Nail Polish Kit

This lovely nail polish set was a Christmas gift from my parents and I just realized that I haven't talked about it yet here on the blog! This kit contains two nail polish shades from Mavala and what I love about it is that both of them are very elegant and classic colors that you can wear all the time! 
The shade 156 Rococo Red is the perfect red and this is the one I have been wearing the most lately! It goes perfectly with any outfit and it adds that chic look. 
On the other hand, the shade 381 Rouge Forever is that deep red wine shade that looks amazing during Fall-Winter season. I haven't worn this one yet but once the weather starts to get colder here, I'm sure this would be my go-to nail polish! 

Mavala Miss Chic Nail Polish Set

Mavala Rococo Red Nail Polish

Mavala Rouge Forever Nail Polish

So that's it!! These have been my favorite products this month! I would love to know if you have tried any of these products and also I would love to know which are your favorites at the moment! :)

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018

New Video: Re-Creating Outfits from Instagram

Today it's time for a new video!! I came across this video idea thanks to one of my friends Florencia, who is one of my biggest supporters because I remember one day I was sharing some outfits from my favorite bloggers with her, telling her I would love to dress like that and she replied: You can totally re-create that outfit!

So I decided to accept that challenge and tried to re-create 3 different outfits from some of my favorite bloggers: @tamara, @inthefrow, and @modeison_ with items I already have in my wardrobe.

I had a lot of fun filming this video and going through my clothes in order to replicate these looks as similar as possible! The idea is that some of our favorite outfits are based on basic pieces that we can already find in our own closet. So the trick is identifying the key pieces on each look and try to look for those characteristics in your clothes. 

So, let's see how this worked! ;)

Get the look:

Get the Look:

Get the Look:

I really hope you liked the video and this kind of post! I had a lot of fun doing it as I said! Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel if you haven't already and please let me know which outfit was your favorite?  :)

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2018

Exploring the Colorful Rovinj

Rovinj Croatia Travel Guide

I think I have already mentioned this in a previous post, where I talk about my trip to Pula, but one of the things I love the most about Istria region is that it has a very particular mix between Croatian and Italian culture, which makes it super interesting to visit. 
Each city in this region will have this characteristic, you will feel like you are being part of two countries at the same time and you will find this Italian influence in the architecture, in the road signs and, of course, in the food as well. So, if you are also looking to enjoy a delightful culinary experience this is definitely a region to consider for your trip.

Adriatic Sea

Rovinj Seaside

Rovinj Old Town View

In my particular case, I have decided to go back to Istria because I was very impressed with what I have seen in Pula, that stunning Roman architecture stole my heart and I was looking forward to discovering more of this region, especially a city which I have seen all over Instagram: Rovinj.

The pictures I saw of Rovinj reminded me a lot of Venice for some reason and when I was finally able to visit this city that impression was even stronger! Rovinj is a city full of colors, full of details and full of incredibly enchanting streets perfect to get lost. The Old Town is practically right by the sea so maybe this was what made me think of Venice, even though it doesn't have canals, the water is very present in this city. 

Rovinj Old Town View 2

Rovinj Boats

Rovinj Old Town View 3

I have decided to do a day trip to Rovinj because I was staying in Rijeka, so I took the bus and in around two hours I was right there! The bus station in Rovinj is very close to the Old Town so I just walked by the coast and found it without any problems. I have to confess that I didn't have much information about what to see and do in the city but sometimes I enjoy doing this kind of trips because in this way I can be surprised by the destination. And this is exactly what happened to me with Rovinj, without even looking for them, I was able to find all the main spots and I also enjoyed getting lost in its streets. 

Rovinj Architecture

Rovinj Old Town

Rovinj Streets

Firstly, I walked by the coast which is very nice because it's full of pretty restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal and also the lovely view of the Adriatic sea and the boats peacefully moving in the water. Then, I was able to find the city's open market, the perfect place to buy fresh fruits, some souvenirs, and many other things. I stopped right here to have lunch and, as I was in Istria, I decided to order a pizza, which was just perfect!

Rovinj Old Town View 4

Rovinj Details

Rovinj Food

Rovinj Old Town Buildings

After lunch, I continued walking into the old town and I fell in love with all the beautiful balconies with flowers I was seeing in every single house. Also, I was able to find that cute little spot by the water that I used to see all the time on Instagram. I wished I would have been able to get a picture of myself sitting at that lovely table but there was a lady there, I think she was the owner of the store, and she was enjoying a coffee so I didn't want to disturb her. 

Rovinj Flowers

Rovinj Flower Details

Rovinj Details

Rovinj Atellier
The most iconic Instagram postcard of Rovinj 

Rovinj Streets

Rovinj Streets 2

Rovinj Architecture

Rovinj Details 3

Rovinj Details 4

I continued my way up to find the Church of St. Euphemia, which has that tall tower you can see in all the pictures of the Old Town. The Church looked lovely and it's totally worth the visit. Also, you can get a very nice sea view from there because this part is a little bit higher than the rest of the city. 

Rovinj Church

Rovinj Sea View

Rovinj Sea View 2

Rovinj Seaside

Rovinj Streets 5

Then I was able to find a few beaches, where there were people swimming and enjoying the sea. I didn't have a swim because I didn't have my towel that day, so I skipped the beach but I don't regret it because it allowed me to have more time to explore the city. I walked a little bit more on the seaside and I found more beautiful cafés and restaurants right by the water, which looked like the perfect place to have some drinks and enjoy the sunset view. 

Rovinj Beach

Rovinj Architecture Details

Rovinj Old Town View 4

Rovinj Restaurants

Rovinj Restaurants 2

Rovinj Old Town

Rovinj Sunset

Around 7 pm I had to go back to Rijeka but I was extremely happy that I was able to visit this incredibly beautiful city! You can see in this post that I went a bit mad and I took a lot of pictures because there were so many lovely details that I just couldn't stop! 
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my day trip to Rovinj and I hope you have found some inspiration for your future trips! I'm sure this would be a lovely place to visit during the Spring months, don't you think?