miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016

Winter Sale Wishlist

Pasé de la liquidación de verano en Europa a la liquidación de invierno en Argentina. Así que quería compartirles algunos de mis elegidos de mi tienda online preferida: The Net Boutique. Espero que les gusten!

I came from Summer sale in Europe to the argentinian Winter Sale. So here I want to share with you some of my picks from my favourite online shop: The Net Boutique. Hope you like them!

Vero Alfie

Bendito Pie 

Etiqueta Negra


Not to be missunderstood

Bendito Pie

Etiqueta Negra

Ay Not Dead




Schang Viton

lunes, 25 de julio de 2016

Zagreb Photodiary

Hi everyone! Here we start with the photodiary series from all the cities I was visiting during my trip. So the first one is Zagreb! I really loved this city!! It was so funny because, to be honest, I didn't have many expectations about this place, and I feel like I didn't do as many things in this city but still there was something about Zagreb that conquered my heart. 
This city has such a peaceful vibe and it's so clean and neat that I felt really happy to be there. I think the huge amount of flowers I saw there, in the parks,in many houses and buildings, were a big contributor to this feeling. 
Even though my first day in Zagreb was really cloudy and rainy I didn't feel gray at all because the city was full of colors.
On top of that, all the people there were really nice and helpful and that made me relax a lot for the rest of my trip.
So here are the pics from my trip to Zagreb, I hope you like them and let me know in case you have visited this city, what were your thoughts about it? ;)

 I don't remember the name of this but it was so amazing!!

I don't know why but I love trams! They look so cute to me :) 

 I was so lucky to be in Zagreb for the eurocup match between Croatia and Spain. It was such a great experience to watch the match in the Main Square and to celebrate the victory with all the croatian people. I will never forget it.