miércoles, 29 de julio de 2020

New Summer Favorites

New Summer Favorites

Although I have been here in Zagreb as a tourist a few times before I finally moved here almost two years ago, I have realized that I didn't have any nice pictures that feature the amazing St. Mark's Church in the Upper Town, which is for sure a symbol of the city. 

This postcard of Zagreb is easily recognized by the unique ceiling the church has, which makes it even more beautiful and special.

New Summer Favorites 2

New Summer Favorites 3

I love taking walks in the Upper Town because it's usually very quiet and it's the perfect place to take pictures since the antique architecture is stunning and not many people are around so you can take your time until you get the perfect shot. I'm also very shy when it comes to taking my outfit photos so whenever I can find a spot that is not so busy, I'm very happy and I feel like the pictures turn out so much better and natural. 

New Summer Favorites 4

This week we have been having very high temperatures so I thought it would be a great opportunity to wear some of my new summer favorites which I have bought recently in the sales. I have to say that I'm especially in love with my new bag from Zara because I have been obsessed with straw bags ever since they came out a couple of summers ago I am very happy they are still trendy. This bag, in particular, looks more sophisticated because of the leather details it has so I find it goes very well with any of my outfits. 

New Summer Favorites Zara Straw Bag

New Summer Favorites Zara Straw Bag 2

My next new favorite is this pair of high waisted shorts from H&M. I wasn't very fond of high waisted bottoms but I'm now convinced. These shorts look very nice and the color is so versatile and perfect for hot summer days and also evening dates since it's one of those colors you can easily style more casually or formally depending on the rest of the outfit. 

New Summer Favorites H&M Shorts

New Summer Favorites H&M Shorts 2

New Summer Favorites H&M Shorts 3

I hope you like these new summer favorites I was able to find in the summer sales and let me know if you have found some good deals lately and which are the pieces you are loving this season :)


viernes, 24 de julio de 2020

White Summer Dresses Wishlist from Shein

Shein White Dresses Wishlist

I have been on the hunt for a little white dress for the summer for so long. Even before spring came and then summer, I was already dreaming of sunset walks by the beach wearing a beautiful white dress, with some cute sandals and a cute bag. This would be definitely my ideal summer outfit because it's simple, casual but still very pretty and feminine. 

Although I normally don't wear dresses that often I think that when I find my perfect white summer dress, I would take advantage of every opportunity to wear it :)

Unfortunately, I have already tried a few of them at Zara, H&M, and many other brands and I just wasn't able to find one that fits me well so I'm still on the hunt for my ideal dress. Since I'm actually looking everywhere I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorites from Shein, because I have found some really cute styles on their website and even though I won't be able to try the dress before buying it, it's not such a big investment. Also, I have found some pieces that fitted me very well in these shops. 

I personally prefer dresses that are made from light fabrics and have some feminine details such as bows, broderie, etc because they make any item more interesting and elegant. So you are going to definitely find a lot of that in my selection ;)

Shein White Summer Dress 1

Shein White Summer Dress 2

Shein White Summer Dress 3

Shein White Summer Dress 4

Shein White Summer Dress 5

Shein White Summer Dress 6

Shein White Summer Dress 7
Image source: Shein website

I hope you like these dresses, tell me which one is your favorite and please if you have any other recommendations on where to shop nice summer white dresses, you can drop it on the comments below so I can take a look :)

martes, 14 de julio de 2020

Seize your Style Relaunch and What I Have Been Up To

I know all of you are going to agree with me that this year is very unpredictable and challenging but in times like this is important for us to connect again with those things that made us happy at some point, that allowed us to be creative and to dream about the endless possibilities ahead of us. 

That was what Seize your Style! meant to me when I started blogging and although I took a long pause, it was never because my blog stopped making me happy but because I was dedicating my time to pursuing another of my dreams in life, which was moving from Argentina to Croatia. 

After almost 2 years of that big move, which took a lot of time, effort, and planning, I now feel more grounded and established in my new city. During all these months I was continuously dreaming of blogging again but studying a new language, finding an apartment here, finding a job, meeting new people are all things that required a lot of my time and became my priorities.

The idea of this relaunch of my blog is to start again to share fashion inspiration, the new trends and products I'm loving, and much more. Of course, if you would like me to also share more about how is my new life going here in Croatia, how it was like for me to move to another country and any other topics you may be interested about, please let me know in the comments and I will be more than happy to include it as well. 

I think that would be all for now but I'm thrilled to say it already feels great to be back ;)