lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2020

How Does Advent in Zagreb Look During COVID Times?

Advent in Zagreb 2020

December has finally come and we can all agree that this is definitely the strangest holiday season we have ever experienced. I'm not sure how is the most wonderful time of the year looking in your city but around here in Zagreb is looking a lot different. 

Advent in Zagreb has won for three years in a row the prize of Best Christmas Market in Europe and I was able to experience the magic for the last two years since I have moved here. It is something that I love and I look forward to every year.

Advent in Zagreb 2020 2

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Hotel Jagerhorn

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Hotel Jagerhorn 2

Unfortunately, we are in some sort of lockdown at the moment until December 21st. That means that coffee places, restaurants are all closed and big social gatherings are not allowed so, there aren't any events for Advent this year. Stores and shopping centers are thankfully open and we are able to do some Christmas shopping according to the established measures of social distance.

It's a very weird mix feeling you get because the city is all beautifully decorated just like every other year but it's lacking the main ingredient of the holiday season which is the social aspect. Meeting with your friends to enjoy some mulled wine and sweet treats from the Christmas market,  the sound of the music from the different concerts playing around town and of course the entire happy and relaxed atmosphere is missing.

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Gornji Grad

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Zrinjevac

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Zrinjevac 2

But apart from all these things that are different and missing this year because of the pandemic, there is one thing that we have got this year in Zagreb which wasn't present in the previous two years I have been here and that was snow! Last week we had a full day of snow and that turned the city into a fairytale. I went outside after work to get some pictures and to enjoy the snow with my two closest friends and it was so magical. It gave me a lot of hope and it made me realize that there is still a lot of things to be grateful for during this holiday season. 

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Zrinjevac 2

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Zrinjevac 3

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Zrinjevac 4

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Zrinjevac 5

Advent in Zagreb 2020 Christmas Tree

Maybe some of our favorite Christmas traditions are not going to be present this year, or maybe not in the same way but that doesn't mean that there is no place for gratitude, for love, and for some Christmas magic. How is everything looking around your area? Are the Christmas markets openes? Let me know in the comments ;)