lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

New Video: 3 Different Ways to Style White Denim

A little bit last minute but I was able to do a video for this month! I'm still keeping it up with my goal of 1 video per month on my Youtube channel so I'm very happy about that! :)
Today's video is all about styling one of the key pieces of the Spring/Summer wardrobe: the white denim pants. 

I love wearing white denim jeans during this time of the year because I find them very flattering and versatile. They are super easy to dress down or dress up depending on what kind of look you would like to get.

So I would like to show you in this video, how I have styled them going from a very casual outfit to one outfit that is more elegant and stylish. 

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I hope you find this video useful and please let me know which outfit was your favorite! I would also love to know how do you usually style your white denim pants? :)

jueves, 22 de febrero de 2018

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Review

I know I have already mentioned this product before on my Top 5 Beauty Products of 2017 but this foundation is so good that it totally deserves a separate post!
I have always heard that in regards to makeup, it's very important to invest in a good quality foundation because that is the base of your entire makeup look!
If your face doesn't look good, there is no blush, no eyeshadow or lipstick that can improve the makeup. So I followed this advice and I was in the hunt to find my perfect foundation but it's actually very funny how I ended up buying this Shiseido foundation.

The truth is I wanted to try the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation because I have heard from one of my favorite bloggers, Tamara Kalinic, that it was very good! But the day I decided to buy it, I went to a store that didn't sell Clinique products haha :P I'm going to say in my defense that I was traveling so I just stumbled upon this store and went there to ask if they have it.
So, when the sales representative told me they didn't sell Clinique products, I asked her if they had any similar foundation to that one. That was the time when she introduced me to Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. I have always wanted to try this brand so I totally accepted her recommendation. Once she tried it on my skin I was completely sold! I loved the light texture and how the color merged perfectly with my skin tone. 
As you can imagine at this point, I ended up buying it and I'm very happy I did because it's the only foundation I have been using for the past year.

What I love about this product is, in the first place, the color which matches perfectly with my skin tone. Shiseido has 16 different shades of this foundation so it's very easy to find the right one for you! In my case, I have picked the shade Golden 4 and as I said before it merges perfectly with my natural skin tone.
In the second place, I love the texture of this product, as the name indicates, it's a liquid foundation and it's very light and easy to apply.  I normally apply it with a foundation brush and the product runs very smoothly. Once I have it on my skin, I don't even feel it and that's a great plus because I love feeling like my skin can still breathe under the makeup. In addition, this product has SPF 20, which to me is always important to have products that also protect my skin from the sun.

And last but not the least, I love the natural finish this foundation has! It improves and evens the skin tone, with a very good coverage but always keeping that natural look.  
For these reasons, this has become my favorite foundation and I'm very satisfied with it. I know that it's a little bit on the pricey side but I consider this to be a great investment because it will make all your makeup looks absolutely fabulous! The bottle contains 30 ml which I think it's a very good amount of product and taking into consideration that you can do your entire face with just one pump, it makes it very long lasting!

So, these were my thoughts on the Shiseido Synchro Skin foundation. I hope you find this review helpful and please let me know if you have tried it or if you were thinking about buying this product? Also, if you have any other good foundations to recommend I would love to know! :)

lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

What to See and Do in Opatija

What to see and do in Opatija

During my winter trip to Croatia last year, I had the chance to pass by the beautiful city of Opatija on my way to Pula. I didn't have enough time to visit it then, but I knew I wanted to go back there to walk on those enchantingly glamorous streets!

Opatija is the city with the oldest tourism tradition in Croatia. It used to be the place where the aristocracy from the Austro-Hungarian empire retired for their vacations in both winter and summer seasons because of the nice and mild weather. Therefore, this city was called "the Austrian Nice" and it totally has that opulent and glamorous south of France vibe!
All those summer houses and villas that the Austrian aristocracy had in the region have now become luxury hotels with very interesting spas and wellness centers and they also have the most Instagram perfect café terraces you can imagine! So, this city was very high on my priority list when I decided to go back to Croatia last summer.

Opatija- Lungomare


Opatija 2

Lungomare Promenade

Lungomare Promenade 2

My plan was to stay in the nearby city of Rijeka and from there to explore the region of Kvarner, including of course Opatija! I didn't decide to stay in Opatija because of my budget mainly because as most of the hotels there are very luxurious I knew it was going to be a little too expensive for me, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this amazing place!

How to get there? 

If you are staying in Rijeka, like I did, it's very easy to get to Opatija, just by taking the bus! You can take bus number 32, from Rijeka's city center and that will leave you in the center of Opatija in more or less 30 minutes. I can't tell you enough how much I have enjoyed those bus rides! The landscape of the Adriatic coast is absolutely stunning! So make sure to get a window on the bus ;)

Opatija Beach

What to do on a day trip to Opatija?

Well, apart from taking tons of pictures, I highly recommend that you walk along the Lungomare promenade. It's a 12km walk along the coast from Preluka to Lovran and it connects all the different cities and beaches. It's not necessary that you complete the 12km but it's a very enjoyable walk for sure! 
In the center of Opatija, you can find the Maiden with the Seagull sculpture, which is a symbol of the city and I find it to be a very romantic spot! It's the perfect place to take a pause from walking and sit to enjoy the sea view. 

Opatija- Maiden with the seagull

Opatija- Maiden with the seagull 2

Opatija- Maiden with the seagull 3

Opatija- Maiden with the seagull 4

Another of my favorite spots in Opatija was definitely Villa Angiolina, which was one of the first tourist resorts in the city! It was built in 1844 and renovated in the year 2000. Now it operates as the Museum of Croatian tourism. Even if you don't enter the museum, the building itself is absolutely beautiful and worth the visit! 

Opatija - Villa Angiolina

Very close to this, you can find the Park of St. Jacob and Park Angiolina, which are two very popular parks that are filled with plant species from all over the world! These parks are stunning and the perfect place to get tons of amazing pictures for your Instagram ;)

Park St. Jacob and Park Angiolina

Park St. Jacob and Park Angiolina 2

Park St. Jacob and Park Angiolina 3

Park St. Jacob and Park Angiolina 4

Park St. Jacob and Park Angiolina 5

Then I would also recommend you to visit Hotel Kvarner, this was the first luxury hotel built in the city and the Adriatic region. This building, which was built in 1884, is so impressive and beautiful that will for sure make you dream and imagine the life of these aristocratic people that came here at that time! I fell in love with the beautiful terrace it has and when I visited I also bought an Ice Cream there, which was absolutely delicious!

Hotel Kvarner

Hotel Kvarner Terrace
A sneak peak of the terrace

Opatija Architecture
It got super cloudy in the afternoon that day

Last but not the least, I encourage you to walk as much as you can here because you will find a lot of charming café terraces, stunning hotel buildings, restaurants and cute places that will make you fall in love with this city!  

Opatija Architecture 2

Opatija Restaurant

Opatija streets

Opatija Terraces

Opatija- Croatia

Opatija Villas

Opatija streets 2

Hope you like this guide and I would love to know if you have visited Opatija or if you have heard about this place? :)

jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

New Dress from Gamiss + Haul

Gamiss Blue Dress and Haul

A couple of weeks ago I have received some amazing products from Gamiss, a web store that I'm collaborating with, and I'm very excited to show them to you!
Before we start, I have to say two things, first that you can check their Gamiss valentines gifts selection and that I was super impressed with the quality of their products! All the items were exactly the same as you could see on the website, all the sizes were perfect and according to the size guide, which made the overall shopping experience very easy and pleasant!  

Gamiss Blue Dress

The first item I'm going to talk to you about was definitely my favorite from this haul: it's this Cold Shoulder Chiffon Dress in the most beautiful and elegant blue color. I have completely fallen in love with the sleeve details which make this dress so delicate and interesting at the same time! 

Gamiss Blue Dress 2

Gamiss Blue Dress 3

I think this kind of dress is perfect for any occasion because you can easily dress it down or up, according to your needs. In this case, I paired it with my H&M nude loafers to get a more casual look, along with this Aldo bag, which I think adds a really fun touch to the whole outfit! 

Gamiss Blue Dress Details

H&M Nude Loafers

Gamiss Blue Dress styling

I have also decided to wear another item I have received from this store, which is this lovely Rhinestone Sun Moon Layered Pendant Necklace, which I absolutely adore because of the sun-moon-stars theme I have already told you I'm obsessed with! Another great thing about this product is that they are two separate necklaces so you can wear it all together stacking them or you can just wear one of them! So you can get 3 different looks with just one product! I think that's a great plus! 

Gamiss Moon Necklace

The other items I have received from the brand were this absolutely cute Pineapple Shape Stud Earrings which are so adorable!! I'm in love with them! I think they are such a fun accessory to wear and they are perfect for summer. 

Gamiss Pineappel Earrings

I have also received two pieces that I didn't have the chance to shot properly because they are outerwear pieces and the weather in Buenos Aires has been extremely hot lately but I'm sure I will be able to wear them for some nice cool summer nights. First, is this Faux Pu Long Sleeve Jacket, which I think it's a very cool bomber jacket to add to your wardrobe because the colors are very neutral, so it makes it very easy to style! 

And, last but not the least I have received a beautiful Knit Collarless Cardigan with Pockets in khaki color but this one is currently sold out. Anyway, I recommend you to check out their website to see more amazing pieces and also don't forget to check out their special promotion Gamiss valentines day 2018.

I really hope you like this post and please let me know which item was your favorite :) 

Special thanks to Maggie from for helping me with the pictures! 

lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide from Zaful

Being just two days away from Valentine's Day, I thought about creating a Last Minute gift guide with my favorites picks for him and for her from Zaful fashion! In case you are still looking for the perfect present to give to your loved one this post is perfect for you! 
This web store is hosting an amazing Valentines Sale 2018 in which you will be able to find amazing pieces at a very affordable price. Zaful has everything you may need for this special occasion, for her but also for him as well. So, without further talking, let me show you my favorites! 

If you are looking for a cute present for that special girl in your life, I have found these amazing items that I'm sure she will absolutely adore! In the first place, I have picked a beautiful swimming suit because Zaful is very well known for their amazing designs in swimwear.  What I particularly love about this one, is that is pretty classic but it has a fun and interesting touch with the tropical leaf print, I'm currently loving everything with this kind of design!
Then I have selected this lovely top with this kisses print which I thought was very appropriate for Valentine's but also very easy to wear in any other time of the year.
The third item I loved was this super original heart-shaped bag!! How cute is this??? I'm obsessed with it and I think it will be a nice bag for every girl to add that pop of color on any basic outfit! :)
Last but not the least, I have picked some white sneakers with a lovely rose embroidery detail on them. I have already mentioned how obsessed I am with anything embroidered so when I saw these sneakers I knew I had to include them in this gift guide! That style of shoe is perfect for every day and it's also very easy to style, so that's why they will make a very nice present! In case you would like to see more gift ideas, I also recommend you to check their Valentine's underwear collection. ;)

Now it's time to talk about gift ideas for him! First, I have picked this very elegant sweater, which I love because it's a very classic color but it has a very interesting detail with the buttons embellishment. I think sweaters are a good present because no matter his particular style they are a very basic piece, that everyone wears. 
Then, I have also picked a swimsuit because I loved the color combination of this one, again is a very classic style but with nice colors and very easy to pair with anything. 
Another great gift option is, without a doubt, a cool t-shirt. I loved the print on this one because I think looks very modern and trendy! And I also think it would look very nice paired with the swim shorts, don't you think?
Lastly, I have picked some sneakers as well, because they look super comfortable but cool at the same time! The grey color is perfect to wear with everything so that way, you can make sure that he will wear them all the time ;)

So, those would be all my gift ideas for this Valentine's day! I hope you find this post useful and that you can find the perfect gift for that special person in your life! Also, let me know which item is your favorite from this selection? I would love to know! :)