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Instamonth: November

One of my favourite pictures from Bosnia 

Memories from Summer in Dubrovnik 

Zagreb details 

Lovely Spring in Buenos Aires

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lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Today I want to continue with the Gift Guide series to give you more amazing ideas on what to buy for your friends and family on this Christmas season. For this post, I have prepared a list with my favourite presents for the Beauty Lover between your loved ones! We all have this friend or relative who loves to pamper herself, who always has the perfect make up and nails. So here are some ideas on what you can buy for your Beauty Lover friend.

A Make Up Brush Set

Image Credit: Fascino

A nice make up brush set is an excellent choice for the beauty lover because she probably already has a lot of make up but she will certanly appreciate recieving good quality tools to create the perfect look. Plus, a girl can never have enough make up brushes.

A Manicure Set

Image Credit: Fascino

I find these manicure sets so useful! We are always taking care of our nails so this is also a very interesting option for a present. In addition, most of the times, we forget about buying this type of sets for ourselves so I'm sure it would be a great idea!

A Nice Make Up Pouch

Image Credit: Isadora

Because your Beauty Lover friend certanly has a lot of make up it's always a great option to give her a nice make up pouch to store all of her products.

An Eyeshadow Palette

Image Credit: Farmacity

This is something I would personally love to receive! Eyeshadow Palettes always have very beautiful packages and as they have different color options you have more chances to match your friend's taste and style.

Hand Cream Set

Image Credit: L'Occitane

What I love about this Hand Cream Set from L'Occitane is that it offers 3 different hand creams and they come in a very small and practical size, perfect for your friend to carry them on her bag. Plus, it has a lovely package which she can use later on to store make up or jewelry.

I hope you like this gift ideas and that you have found some inspiration and help in this post! ;)

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Gift Guide For Your Traveller Friend!

The holidays are coming and I was thinking in starting a series of gift guides here on the blog because sometimes it is hard to find the perfect gift for every one. I'm a person who loves to buy gifts for my family and friends and I always have a lot of fun trying to think about what they would love to receive as a present. I found out in the recent years that I'm actually very good in picking gifts for people so I thought it was going to be a good idea to share some options for your friends and family!
Finding the perfect gift, most of the times, is not about spending a lot of money, the key is knowing the person, what does he or she likes and trying to find something that is useful and matches with their personality.
For today's gift guide, I decided to start with your traveller friend! We all have this friend who loves to travel and who is always planning a new adventure, so I picked these few options that I'm sure your traveller friend would love to receive!

A big wallet / Passport case

Image Credit: Isadora

This type of wallet is perfect to store your passport, all your documents, credit cards, money, boarding pass, anything you need in just one place! Also I loved this color combination and I think it would be perfect for any friend who loves to travel in style ;)

A trendy backpack

 Image Credit: Isadora

This backpack is perfect for spending your day exploring a new city. It is very stylish and it has a perfect size for carrying around your essentials, like your camera, without being too big or heavy.  

A Necessaire

Image Credit: Casa Manita 

Another essential piece every traveller will appreciate. Whenever you are packing it is very important to store all your stuff in a very organized way to maximize the space in your suitcase. That's why having many necessaire options is always useful!

A Notebbok

Image Credit: Casa Manita 

Travelling is one of the most inspiring activities and it's very nice to record all our experiences and anecdotes in a notebook. So finding one with a very nice design for your traveller friend is also a great option!

A Fun Suitcase Tag

Image Credit: Todo Moda

Having something that identifies our suitcase is very important because it helps the airline to find it in case they have lost it and it is something that most of the time we forget to buy. So if you find a nice and fun suitcase tag for your friend it would be a very useful gift.
I hope you liked this options and that you have found some ideas for your traveller friends!

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

From Day to Night with AUrate

In this modern world, we are always running from one place to the next, from one meeting to another, from the office to an event or a night out. Most of the times, we don't even have the chance to stop by our house to change our outfit or to fix our make up. And we don't really feel like carrying around a lot of stuff to be able to do this transition from day to night, from going to the office to going for a drink.
Part of being an empowered woman nowadays, consists in having the ability to always present yourself in the best possible way, looking confident and showing your personality. 
One of our best allies in achieving this mission is jewelry. Adding jewelry to any outfit is the most effective way to show our own special touch and our personal style. 
Also, jewelry is one of the most easy ways to change the vibe of an outfit, it allows you to turn a look that it's more sober and office appropiate to something more chic and glamourous for the night, without even changing your clothes.
So, for today's post I was inspired by AUrate, which is an amazing jewelry brand based in New York city, to share some ideas on how to turn your daytime outfit into nightime.

AUrate specializes in gold jewelry of the finest quality with timeless designs that will allow you to use their jewelry forever. All of their products are handmade in New York city from ethically sourced materials and their goal is to offer high quality products at honest price and to empower their community to give back to the world. They have recently launched an initiative called A Book for your Look, in which, for every piece of jewelry that is sold they donate a book to a child in need to empower the kids through reading.I think this is an excellent initiative and I'm very happy to be able to share it with you today.

So, going back to the outfit, I chose very basic pieces because I wanted to get a simple yet stylish look. For the daytime, I picked a classic pair of dark blue skinny jeans with a black top and, to make it more office appropiate, I added a white blazer. The accesories for this look would be the Asymmetric Pearl Ear Jacket from AUrate, black sandals with a square medium heel for more confort, sunglasses and a nice black bag.
For the night outfit, the idea was to get everything in black with golden details so that the jewelry pieces could really stand out. I kept the jeans, the black top and the sandals and I added the Gold Bar Necklace and the Inverse Cuff from AUrate. To look even more chic and sophisticated, I also changed the bag for a smaller one that has golden details as well.
I hope you liked this day to night inspiration and let me know in the comments below which item is your favourite ;)

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

Awesome Wishlist from StyleWe

I always love to discover new fashion brands and online stores because I think it’s a great source for inspiration and it’s one of my favourite parts of being a fashion blogger. Nothing excites me more than to share with you some of the amazing things and products I find on the web.
So, when last week I was contacted by the people from StyleWe, an incredible online shop, I got super happy to be able to share with you some of the great trendy products they offer.
StyleWe has a very complete selection of clothes and you can get anything you need on their website, from beautiful evening dresses to cozy knitwear and trendy jackets and tops. I was totally surprised with their very chic designs, especially in jumpsuits for women. I’m not such a jumpsuit kind of girl but the ones I have seen on this online shop have completely blown my mind!
Another great thing about StyleWe is that you can get a lot of inspiration not only on their online shop but also they have a blog, where you can get a lot of cool beauty and style tips that can help you to achieve an amazing look, like for example, this post on how to get a vintage makeup.

So, I hope you like all my favourites from StyleWe and I hope this post has inspired you ;)

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

My New Favourite Mascara

I heard once that it's necessary to change your mascara once every three months because it gets full of different bacteria that ends up damaging your eyes. So whenever I need to buy a new mascara, I always try to take the opportunity to try a different one. I was using a very nice mascara from Revlon but I got a little bored of it because it was a little bit too heavy to use it every day and it was very difficult to take it out. And, on top of that, my Revlon mascara had already met the 3 months deadline so it was time for a change.
I decided to try a different brand this time, so I ended up buying one from L'Oréal because I have never tried their mascaras and I'm very surprised with the good quality they have.
I chose one called Volume Million Lashes Excess, which is not waterproof so it's perfect to wear it every day and it's very light but still it makes my lashes look so long and thick it's really great!
I also love the brush it has because it makes it a lot easier to apply the mascara in my lashes. So, I'm very satisfied with this mascara and I hope you find this little review helpful! Let me know if you use this product or if you recommend any other mascara from L'Oréal :)

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Dress Inspiration from AisleStyle

We are approaching the end of this year. I still can’t believe we are already in November and 2016 is almost gone. Like in every year, this is the time when we always have year end parties and gatherings, prom nights and, here in Argentina, this is also the wedding season.
So when there are so many different events to attend, we may get a little bit stress out because we always want to look our best. And that task always includes finding the perfect dress.
That’s why I decided to partner with  AisleStyle to share with you their amazing options in cheap prom dresses, short prom dresses, long sleeve prom dresses and, of course, long prom dresses as well.
AisleStyle is an online shop that specializes in dresses. They offer a great variety of dresses for every single occasion you may have, not only for your prom night but also for weddings, cocktails and any other kind of event.

They have many amazing designs and colors to suit every type of woman, you can find more trendy dresses, more glamorous and also more classic style dresses. And what is best is that they have worldwide shipping and very affordable prices. So I hope you like this selection of my favourite dresses from AisleStyle.