lunes, 31 de agosto de 2020

TikTok Made Me Buy It - Beauty Edition

 TikTok Made Me Buy It - Beauty Edition

I don't know about you but TikTok has definitely become my favorite social media platform of 2020 (you can give me a follow here if you want). From the moment I have downloaded it at the beginning of the quarantine back in March, I haven't stopped using it! 

I love that it's light and fun, just what I was needing back then but at the same time, you are able to find all sorts of content, such as fashion, beauty, memes, dances, astrology, even politics. TikTok has it all! 

So, when it comes to beauty, TikTok has created major beauty trends and a lot of products got some serious hype, for example, Cerave and The Ordinary so I must confess that after seeing all this hype I had to try some of them too! So here are a few beauty products that I bought after seeing them all day long on TikTok. 

Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sunscreen 

I already mentioned this one in one of my previous posts but I saw many people talking wonders about this product on Tiktok and as I love trying some Korean products I was very interested in buying this sunscreen. This is now my favorite sunscreen because it's so lightweight, it absorbs so quickly and it's so easy to wear that it's no excuse to not wear an SPF every single day. I absolutely love it!

Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sunscreen

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I don't understand why it took me so long to try this product because this was already hyped even before TikTok, it's definitely a holy grail! I'm already in the middle of the bottle and I love it because it removes my make up so quickly and easily. Also, it's a very affordable product that you can find at any drugstore, so I would recommend giving it a try if you haven't already.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 2

The Ordinary Retinol 0,2% in Squalane

I have seen so many skincare experts and estheticians in TikTok talking about how important is to include retinol in your routine that I was totally convinced! Also, as I'm turning 32 next month I thought now it's the right moment to start. I was very curious to try The Ordinary since I have heard that they have some amazing products for very affordable prices so I decided to try their retinol. I like this formula because it's quite gentle as it only has 0,2% retinol and it has worked very well for me. I didn't experience any redness or irritation since I have started using it and now I'm seeing some amazing results! My face is looking a lot better, brighter and with a lot less acne, so I'm very satisfied!

The Ordinary Retinol 2% in Squalane

The Ordinary Retinol 2% in Squalane 2

Have you bought any new beauty products because they were so trendy and popular in TikTok? I also have bought some other products so let me know if you would like to read the second part of this post! :) 

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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2020

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days

Can you believe that we are already in the last week of August? I feel like I'm not yet prepared to let go of summer and start thinking about fall. 

Time is passing in a very strange way this year for sure and although I have the feeling that I wasn't able to wear all the new summer clothes and cute outfits I have planned in my head, I still feel very grateful that I was able to enjoy some beautiful days in the city with my friends. 

Last few days the weather was so hot here in Zagreb that I really had to think in a way to look cute but still wear something comfortable, fresh and breathable and I have found in this two new pieces my best friends for those days where the temperature goes higher than 30 degrees. 

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days 2

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days 3

This cute floral skirt from Zara, which was discounted and super cheap is the perfect summer staple, so girly and feminine but still very easy to wear and style with anything! The fabric is very light and the shape is super flattering. I also love the bow detail it has, which adds a little bit more interest to this piece.

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days 3

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days 4

I paired this skirt with this white Stradivarius top, which has also become one of my favorite pieces from this season because it also goes well with everything. Also, this top is made from viscose which is a very lightweight and breathable fabric, perfect for those extremely hot summer days when you have no idea what to wear. 

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days 5

Outfit Inspiration for Very Hot Days 6

To finish the outfit I wore these straw-like sandals from H&M which are super comfortable and of course my new bag from Zara, which you probably already saw in one of my previous posts, I'm still so in love with it! 

What do you like to wear this kind of days? What are your staples for days when the temperature hits more than 30 degrees? Let me know in the comments below :)


lunes, 10 de agosto de 2020

5 Must Have Sun Protecting Products

5 Must Have Sun Protecting Products

EN - The nicest part of the summer is for sure enjoying outside in the sun. We all love that summer feeling when we are at the beach and we are enjoying ourselves in the sun with a nice refreshing drink and some friends. We all also love the look of our tanned skin because we all feel like we look a lot better when we are tanned, right?

However, during the summer months is when it is more important to be well protected from the UV rays. Although being in the sun is very good for our immune system and good mood, we can't forget that the sun can also be dangerous. 

Luckily there are a lot of good products in the market which helps us to enjoy the sun without having to worry. Therefore, I would like to recommend my favorite for good and efficient sun protection

HR - Najljepši je dio ljeta sigurno uživanje na suncu. Svi volimo taj ljetni osjećaj kad smo na plaži i uživamo na suncu uz piće i prijatelje. Također volimo taj izgled kad nam je ten tamniji jer izgledamo mnogo bolje zar ne?

Međutim tijekom ljeta najvažnije je da smo dobro zaštićeni od sunca. Iako je boravak na suncu jako dobar za imunitet i za dobro raspoloženje, ne smijemo zaboraviti da može biti opasno.

Srećom postoji puno proizvoda koji nam pomažu da uživamo na suncu bez brige. Dakle, danas bih htjela preporučiti svoje najdraže proizvode za dobru i učinkovitu zaštitu od sunca.

Purito Centella Green SPF 50

For the face - Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50

This is one of the most popular products between the skincare gurus and now that I have tried it, I can understand why. This SPF has very clean and good ingredients such as Centella Asiatica extract and niacinamide and it doesn't contain any perfume or artificial scents so it's suitable for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin. Also, the texture is very light and it absorbs very quickly without leaving a white cast.

Za lice - Purito centella green level unscented sun SPF 50

Ovaj je korejski proizvod  jako popularan među ljubiteljima skincarea, a sad kad sam ga probala, mogu to i razumjeti. Ovaj proizvod ima jako dobre i čiste sastojke kao što su Centella Asiatica ekstrakt i niacinamide i ne sadrži nikakav parfem ni umjetni miris. Zbog toga je dobar za sve vrste kože. Također tekstura proizvoda jako je lagana i upija se vrlo brzo.

Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water

For the body - Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water SPF 50

I like this product a lot because the texture is very light, it really is like water, and because it has a very mild scent. Also, this SPF has aloe vera which makes it very refreshing as well. 

Za tijelo – Garnier ambre solaire UV water SPF 50

Jako mi se sviđa ovaj proizvod jer je tekstura jako lagana, baš poput vode, i zato što ima blag miris. Sadržava i aloe veru, pa je i osvježavajući.

Olival Sun Hair

For the hair - Oliva Sun Hair Protecting Spray

We can just take care of our skin, our hair also needs protection from the sun. Having this in mind, when I saw this product I knew I had to buy it right away. This spray protects our hair from the sun and the sea salt, something very important when we go to the beach. This product also contains macadamia and argan oils which are very good the hair too. 

Za kosu – Olival sun hair zaštitni sprej za kosu

Ne možemo samo paziti na svoje lice i tijelo jer i naša kosa treba zaštitu od sunca. Zato sam kupila ovaj proizvod čim sam ga vidjela. Ovaj sprej štiti kosu od sunca i soli i to je jako važno kad idemo na more. Sadržava ulja makadamije i argana kojima možemo zahvaliti za lijepu, zdravu i mekanu kosu.

Summer Outfit Lopud Island Croatia

Last but not the least - Hat and Sunglasses

These are not just great fashion accesories but they really help us to be protected from the sun rays while we are still looking great on the beach so we can't forget to add them for the perfect summer outfit!

Šećer na kraju – Šešir i sunčane naočale

Šeširi i sunčane naočale nisu samo odlični modni dodaci nego nam mogu pomoći da budemo zaštićeni od sunca dok lijepo izgledamo na plaži. Ne smijemo ih nikad zaboraviti za dobru ljetnu kombinaciju!