miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2020

Last Summer Outfit for a Day in Opatija

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija

Slowly but surely summer days are now behind us but before fall has officially started I had the chance to go on a day trip to Opatija to enjoy my last day at the beach for this season. 

I felt very grateful that in the middle of September I was able to wear this kind of outfit which is for sure something I would wear for those very hot days as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts. Luckily, the weather here in Croatia was really perfect and sunny these last few days so I even had the chance to have a swim, I couldn't be any happier, to be honest! :) 

I have visited Opatija before a few times and I have even written a post with my top recommendations on what to see and do there but this place always amazes me! Every time I found new perfect spots for photos and as it was the end of the season everything was really nice and tranquil. 

Freya Treasures Necklace

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Last Summer Outfit in Opatija 2

My friend and I arrived at noon and went first to have a coffee, which was absolutely delicious, and then we had a nice walk looking for the best locations for our pictures. After that, we grabbed some sandwiches, ate with the beautiful sea view, and then went straight to the beach. 

The sea was perfect and on the beach, there was plenty of space so social distancing was not a problem ;) 

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija 3

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija 4

Now let's talk about the outfit, I was wearing another of my recent Zara purchases,
this green floral skirt, which is actually a pair of shorts (how convenient, right?) has been in my summer wishlist for so long and when I saw it was on sale, I knew I had to have them! I think the green color is really classic and easy to style and I also love the fit and how flattering it looks. I would totally say this is also another summer staple that I would be wearing next year as well. 

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija Zara Skirt

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija Zara Skirt 2

I paired the skirt with this Zara basic white t-shirt, which I love because it has that nice interesting shape on the shoulders but without having the shoulder pads, which I actually like and I think that they are super trendy but I don't think they look so good on me, so it's great that I can get that look without them ;)

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija Zara Top

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija Zara Top 2

Last Summer Outfit in Opatija Zara Top 3

Anyway, I'm very happy I was able to visit the sea before the temperatures start to get lower and also that I was able to wear these recent purchases. I still have to change my wardrobe and put on the cozy and warm pieces on my closet, how is it going for you so far? Have you already changed your closet to your fall wardrobe or not like me? Let me know in the comments! Hope you had enjoyed the post! :) 

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2020

Zara Fall Favorites

I have the feeling that every year at the beginning of fall I always found myself writing this same kind of post. I have to say in my defense that I always feel very excited with the change of the seasons (and I know I'm not the only one right?) because it's a time for renewal in general and what better way to channel this new energy than with some new pieces to incorporate to our wardrobe. 

I love making wishlist because I feel like they help me focus on the pieces that I would really like to have from the new collections and then I just go to the store and look for my favorites, instead of just roaming around and not finding anything I like. It's much better also when it comes to staying inside your budget, so you won't get tempted by other pieces which you haven't considered before. 

For me, this is especially important with brands like Zara because they are constantly adding new great pieces and I feel like every week I find something else that I like. So for today's post, I would like to share some of my favorites I have found in Zara for fall. Although I would like to have some more summer days, these great pieces get me super excited for the days to come. There is always something nice to appreciate in every season :)

Jackets and Coats


Skirts and Shorts


I hope you like the pieces I have chosen and please let me know if you already have some favorites for the new season :)

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2020

How to Add Some Magic to Your Look with Jewelry

How to add some magic with jewelry

Everything in this universe is made of energy, from the light of the sun, the wind, and the sea to the smallest things like stones, metals, and flowers. Everything around us has a vibration that has an influence on us and the good thing is that we can use this to our advantage and incorporate some magic into our daily life in a very easy way, and that is through jewelry.

As I just mentioned before, metals for example silver, carry a special vibration that can help us to protect our energy. That's is why in many traditional cultures, wedding gowns the women have always had some sort of metal, not only as decoration but also as a way to protect the bride and her energy on such an important day. 

In this modern world, we don't need to be so extreme about it but it's always good to have some extra dose of good vibes and with jewelry, we can achieve and at the same time look a lot better adding some interesting details to our outfits. So, how do we do it?

ONecklace Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

Use Symbols

Symbols carry a very powerful meaning so if you can include any symbol that relates to you, that always helps to raise your vibration. There are some universal symbols for protection, such as the evil eye. This is a symbol that is commonly found in cultures such as the Turkish and it helps us to protect us from the low vibration and negative thoughts that can be around us. I have found this gorgeous Blue Evil Eye Bracelet at ONecklace (gifted) and I absolutely fell in love with it because it's very dainty and feminine but it still carries some powerful energy. I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality, the blue color of the stone in the middle is so deep and stunning and the crystals around it are so shiny and beautiful that I'm sure this bracelet is definitely going to steal all the attention. The bracelet is available in silver and in rose gold and I picked it up in rose gold so that it matches my watch as well. I think they look very cute together. Also, I was a bit unsure about picking up a bracelet because my wrists are so thin and small that all the bracelets are usually too big for me but this one has the perfect length and it sits very nicely on my wrist. 

ONecklace Blue Evil Eye Bracelet 2

Connect to your Zodiac Sign

Jewelry pieces that show your Zodiac sign are not only very trendy at the moment but also very powerful because each sing carries specific energy and when we wear something with the symbol of that sign we can connect to that energy. It's not mandatory to use only the symbol of your Sun sign, you can pick the sign of your rising sign or your Moon sign depending on the energy and characteristics you would like to develop. At ONecklace's website, there is also a great selection of necklaces inspired by the Zodiac signs symbols and also the constellations which are very nice and easy to style with any outfit. Psst! You can use my code andrea15 for 15% off on their website ;)

ONecklace Blue Evil Eye Bracelet 3

Don't Forget Crystals

Crystals are known for their beneficial properties when it comes to raising the vibration. They are definitely a must to add some magic to our lives and they are for sure very helpful! In addition, they are also very easy to find in jewelry pieces. The most popular ones are Rose Quartz, which helps us to develop the energy of love and to relax, Amethyst which is very protective and transforms negative thoughts into positive ones, and Jade, which is the crystal for overall good luck.

ONecklace Blue Evil Eye Bracelet 4

I hope you have found this post interesting and helpful, let me know in the comments do you believe in magic and vibrations? Do you like to add this kind of symbol to your outfits?