lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

New Youtube Video - What's on my bag?

Hola a todos! Estoy muy contenta de anunciarles que finalmente grabé mi primer video de Youtube para mi nuevo canal y estoy muy feliz de compartirselos hoy! Hace tiempo que quería hacer un video sobre Qué llevo en  mi cartera, porque me parece un tema muy entretenido y finalmente pude hacerlo!
Como este es mi primer video, decidí hacerlo en inglés porque la mayoría de mis seguidores hablan inglés pero no descarto hacer videos en español también en el futuro. Espero que les guste y en caso que tengan alguna sugerencia sobre algún video que les gustaría ver en mi canal no duden en dejarme sus comentarios y estaré muy feliz de prepararlo para ustedes :)

Hello everyone!! I'm very excited to announce that I have filmed my first Youtube video for my channel and I'm very happy to share it with you today! I wanted to do a What's on my bag video for a long time, because I think they are very entertaining and I finally did it! :)
Since this is my first video, I decided to do it in english because most of the people who follow me speak english but probably in the future I will do some videos in spanish too. I Hope you like it and in case you have any suggestions on other videos you would like to see on my channel please let me know and I will be happy to do them :)

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

My Top Ten Apps for Travelling

Picture from Marketing Land

As my trip date is approaching I thought it was a good idea to share with you which are my Top Ten Apps for travelling. Nowadays, we all make the most of our smartphones and apps can help us in many ways, especially while travelling because sometimes we don't carry our computers with us. So let's get into the list:

Trip Case

I have downloaded this app after it was recommended by my favourite travel blogger Sir Chandler. This app is perfect for organizing your trip and have all the information regarding your flights and hotel reservations together in one place. It's very easy to use, all you have to do is forward your booking and flight confirmation emails to Trip Case and they upload all the information directly into the app. Another great thing about this app is that it's linked with the software the airlines use so whenever there is a change in your flight, you will receive a notification from the app. For example, when I was in Paris airport last year, the app notified my that the gate for my flight was changed and it was such a great help!


For this trip, it was the first time I made reservations via Booking so I have downloaded their app to have all the information about my hostel reservations and found out their app offers a lot more. For example they provided me with free city guides that I can download and see offline, with restaurant recommendations near my hostels and also good information regarding things to see in the city with maps, which is also very useful.

Google Maps

It's key to have a good map application to check all the places you want to see in the city you're travelling to. In this case Google Maps has a lot of useful information regarding the public transportation and you have the possibility to save the routes to the places you want to go to and then check them offline.


This app is key to make back ups of your travel photos and videos. 

Google Photos

If Dropbox is not enought to back up your photos :P I haven't tried this one yet but I'm sure I'm going to use it in my trip.


I love listening to music while travelling, so Spotify is a very important app for me. I love creating new playlists for each city and as I have the Premium version I can download all the songs I want and then play them offline. In case you want to follow me at Spotify here is my profile!


To edit all of the pictures so that they are Instagram perfect :)

Google Translate

As this is the first time I will be travelling to a place I have no idea about their language I though it was a good idea to download Google Translate just in case.

Global Blue

Their app offers offline maps for all the stores that are enrolled into their tax free program and also they have a calculator for you to check how much your tax free discount is going to be, which could be quite useful if you're planning to shop a lot :)


Because there's nothing as fun as recording all your travel experience and share it with your friends via Snapchat :) Remember to follow me on Snapchat @seizeyourstyle

Well, those are my top ten apps for travelling, I hope this was useful for you and in case you have any other great app that I didn't include in this list, leave it in the comments, I would love to know :)

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Zara Spring Summer Wishlist

Hoy les dejo una pequeña wishlist de la campaña de Primavera Verano de Zara que preparé para mi viaje. Si si, ya se que hay tiendas de Zara acá en Buenos Aires, pero para mi es muy especial tener la oportunidad de poder comprar cosas de la próxima colección antes de que lleguen al país y, además, el año pasado cuando estuve en Europa vi un montón de prendas muy geniales que normalmente no las encuentro acá.
Por eso, uno de mis mejores tips para comprar durante los viajes es tener una lista en mente de las cosas que nos interesan. Esto nos va a ayudar a mantener el foco y así evitaremos terminar comprando un montón de ropa que quizás no necesitamos. Para mi último viaje, hice este ejercicio y me ayudó a encontrar todas las cosas que necesitaba ya que entraba a las tiendas a buscar esos ítems de mi lista en particular. Así que acá les dejo mi lista para el próximo viaje y espero que les sirvan los tips también :)

Today I wanted to share with you a little wishlist from Zara's Spring Summer collection, that I made for my trip. I know we have Zara stores here in Buenos Aires, but it's very special for me to have the chance to shop these garments from their spring summer collection before they arrive here and besides last year when I was in Europe I saw a lot of cool pieces that I don't normally see in their stores here. 
So, one of my best tips for shopping abroad is to have a little list in mind of the things we may be interested in. That is going to help us to keep the focus and avoid ending up shopping a lot of things we don't actually need. For my last trip I made this excercise and it help me to find the things I needed because I went to the stores looking for these particular items. So here is my list for my next trip, I hope this tips will help you too :)

All pictures extracted from Zara's website

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

Travel Update

One of my resolutions for 2016 was to travel more and I have started the year very focused on that. I still remember when I bought my flight ticket back in February and now just one month is left before I go into a new adventure. For those who don't know, I'm going to the Balkans next month and I wanted to do a little update for you guys on how my route was finally defined. In case you have any questions or maybe recommendations for me, I will appreciate that for sure. So my route is going to be like this:

Zagreb, Croatia

I arrive to this city and I'm planning to stay here for 3 days. My idea is to use one of those days to do a tour to Plitvice Lakes.

Split, Croatia

I'm going to spend 5 days in this city, I feel like there's so much to do here, that is not going to be enough but we'll see. I'm going to do the tour to Krka Waterfalls for sure (Yes, I'm a total waterfalls lover haha).

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The plan is to stay in Dubrovnik for 4 days and I'm going to use one of those days to go to Kotor in Montenegro. The pictures I saw from this place are totally stunning.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I'm going to stay 3 days in this beautiful city and also I would like to do the tour aroung Kravice waterfalls and also I'm dying to go to Blagaj.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I'm going to go to Sarajevo from Mostar by train because I saw that the views in that train ride are just incredible! The plan is to stay in this city for 3 days.

Belgrade, Serbia

Last stop from this trip is Belgrade, I'm very excited about this city's nightlife and I'm going to stay here also for 3 nights. But in one of them my plan is to go to another city which is...

Novi Sad, Serbia

I happen to be in Serbia at the right time for Exit Festival in Novi Sad so it's a must for me to go to this festival. Also the city looks very beautiful so it was an easy decision to make :)

Last but not the least, before I return to Argentina I will have a 20 hours stop in Istanbul, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to visit this incredible city too ;)

What do you think of this route? Do you have any other recommedations? If you need any tips or advice just let me know :)

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

New E-shop Desiderata

Desiderata es una de mis marcas favoritas, tienen mucha variedad de prendas geniales para cada ocasión. En este negocio me compre muy buenos blazers y pantalones de vestir, de muy buena calidad y diseño. Además tienen prendas geniales para salir o también opciones más casuales para el fin de semana. Así que cuando me enteré que abrieron su nueva tienda online, me entusiasmé mucho por mostrarles la ropa increíble que esta marca tiene para ofrecer. Espero que les guste!!

Desiderata is one of my favourite brands, they have an amaizing variety of garments for every occasion. I have bought great blazers and dress pants in this store, with very good quality and design. Also they have amazing pieces for a night out and for a casual weekend too. So when I knew that they have opened their online store I got very excited to show you the incredible clothes they have to offer. Hope you like them!!

Todas las fotos fueron extraídas de la página web de Desiderata

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

Winter Boots Wishlist

Hoy les traigo una pequeña wishlist de botas para este invierno de la tienda online Fotter. Esta página tiene un montón de marcas y precios disponibles así que me parece una muy buena opción para encontrar un lindo par de botas para la nueva temporada. Espero que les guste esta selección y por favor déjenme saber en los comentarios cuál es su favorita! :)

Today I want to bring you a little winter boots wishlist from an online store called Fotter. This store has a lot of different brands and prices available so I think it's a very good option to find a nice pair of boots for this winter season. Hope you like this selection and please let me know which one is your favourite! :)

 Clara Barceló



Sofi Martiré 

 Sofi Martiré 

Sofi Martiré  

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