miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016

Skin Care Routine 2016

I know I have already done a post like this in the past but my skin care routine has changed since then so I thought it was a good opportunity to make an update on this subject.
Lately I have been really obsessed with Dermaglós products, as some of you may recall I have started with their eye cream, which I really love because it's very soft and moisturizing so I decided to add other products from this brand and I ended up buying almost their entire skin care line :D The good thing about this brand is that all their products are for sensitive skin so they are really light and soft. 

So I bought their cleansing milk, which is very refreshing and has a very nice scent. What I love about this product is that it's not necessary to wash it off with water. Normally I do my skin care routine at my room so going to the bathroom to wash everything off is not very practical for me.

I also bought their day moisturizing cream which has SPF 20 a very important thing for a day cream and I feel like my face is hydrated throughout the day.

And last but not the least I also bought their night nourishing cream, which I also find incredible. When I wake up in the morning my face looks shinning and so soft it's unbelievable. 

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

My Travel Bucket List

Last year I was able to do two beautiful trips and I'm very thankful about that. I really enjoyed the experience and also it made me realise that it wasn't so difficult or expensive to plan a good trip. One of the main reasons why I didn't travel that much before was because I thought I needed a lot of money, which wasn't completely true. I mean, it's a fact a propper amount of money is required but planning a trip in advance helps you a lot to organize your finances and it makes it completely possible. So, one of my goals for this year was to keep travelling and as I mentioned in one of my previous post I already have a great plan for June but in this post I want to share with you the other places I would like to travel to someday in the future :)

Saint Petersburg - Russia

There are many places I want to know because of the books I have read and Saint Petersburg is one of them. Some years ago I read The Bronze Horseman, which is a beautiful novel about a forbidden love in this city in the times of WW2 and the descriptions that the author does in this book are amaizing and when I looked for the places she mentions on Google I realized that I really need to go this place. Hopefully next year :)

Picture from Edugeography

Cordoba and Granada - Spain

I'm very into arabic culture and architecture so these two places are a must for me. I still don't understand why I went to Spain last year and didn't include these places but now I have a very good reason to go back ;)

Picture from Wikipedia

Picture from Europa Low Cost

Marrakech - Morocco

Also related to my arabic culture obsession, Marrakech is also another beautiful place I would love to travel to. In addition, I would really love to see the desert so hopefully someday I will be able to go.

Picture from Travler.es

Cartagena - Colombia

The old town in Cartagena is really stunning and plus there are some very beautiful and incredible beaches around, like for example in Tayrona Park. This is one of the places I have been wanting to go for the longest time so I really hope I can go in the near future.

Picture from Colombia Travel

Hope I have given you some travel inspiration and I would love to know which places are in your travel bucket list! :)

viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

My Fall Basics

We have already started Fall here in Argentina and sometime when we are transitioning between seasons it is hard for us to know exactly what to wear, because some days are warm and the next day is completely cold, or even it could be cold at mornings and then in the afternoon it's hot. So I want to share with you my fall basics which can help you pull out a great fall outfit that is suitable for the weather transition:

First, the Leather Jacket: because it will keep you in the cold morning and it's easy to take off in the afternoon if it's not cold anymore. Plus, the leather jacket always adds that touch of rock and roll to any outfit.

The trench: because in most cases during fall we have a lot of rainy days, so the trench coat is the best friend you could have for this season and it's a very chic way to stay warm and dry.

The flats: because it's still not so cold to wear boots and not so hot to continue using sandals, the flats are the best option!

A light sweater: One of the main tricks for putting a great fall outfit together are layers because we may took some layers of if the weather gets warmer throughout the day. So a key part of creating layers is to add a nice light sweater.

All pictures extracted from Zara's official webpage

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Evening at Sky Bar Buenos Aires

La semana pasada fuimos con mis amigos del trabajo al Sky Bar a tomar y comer algo y disfrutar la vista. El bar queda en la terraza del 13er piso del Hotel Pullitzer y nos encantó, la pasamos muy bien, los tragos y la comida estaban deliciosos y, además disfrutamos de un hermoso atardecer con muy buena música de fonto. Así que les comparto algunas de las fotos junto con el look que usé para ir, espero que les guste!

Last week we went with my friends from the office to the Sky Bar to have some drinks and enjoy the view. It's the 13th floor terrace from the Pullitzer Hotel and we had an awesome time, the drinks and the food were delicious and also we could enjoy a lovely sunset with very good music. So here I share with you some pictures from the bar and also the outfit I chose to wear, hope you like it!


Top: Akiabara
Jeans: Stradivarious
Shoes: Lucerna

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Some Dress Inspiration from Net-a-Porter!

Este año tengo un evento muy importante en Diciembre, se casa una de mis mejores amigas y va a celebrar su casamiento en una hermosa casa de campo así que a pesar de que todavía falta bastante para la fecha ya estoy muy entusiasmada con esta fiesta y ya estoy buscando el vestido para ponerme. Así que hoy les quiero compartir un poco de inspiración en vestidos de Net-a-Porter, la mejor tienda de marcas de lujo. Ya se que probablemente no vaya a comprarme estos vestidos pero los que seleccioné tienen un precio bastante razonable y son muy hermosos. Espero que les gusten y que si por casualidad también están buscando un vestido para alguna fiesta les haya dado alguna idea! :)

This year I have a very important event in December, one of my best friends is getting married and they are going to celebrate the wedding in a beautiful country house so even though I know there is a lot of time I am very excited about this wedding party and I already started to look for the perfect dress to wear. So today I wanted to share with you some dress inspiration from Net-a-Porter, the best luxury online store. I know I'm probably not going to buy them but the ones I picked have a reasonable price and they are very beautiful. I hope you like them and that I gave you some ideas in case you are also looking for a dress! :)