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Gift Ideas: Zara's New Zodiac Collection

Gift Ideas Zara Zodiac Collection

Now that we are in the holiday season, I think it's time to start thinking about some cool gift ideas for the important people in our lives. One of the things I love the most during this time of the year is how brands always come up with the most beautiful gift sets and every year they bring up new ideas. 

I love this kind of gift sets especially because they always include amazing packaging so you don't have to worry about how you are going to wrap that gift. It's the easiest way to gift something that you are sure the other person will love!

The other day I saw that Zara has recently launched a new Zodiac collection and maybe some of you already know how obsessed I am with astrology so besides buying something of this collection for myself, I'm sure this could be a great gift option for this holiday season. 

Zara Horoscope Collection Scarf

Zara Horoscope Collection Scarf 2

I also love it as a gift idea because I feel like is something a little more personal because you can gift something from that person's zodiac sign! And as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, wearing something with the symbol of your zodiac sign helps you to channel that energy and incorporate it into your life. Also, I find that these symbols are very eye-catching and great conversation starters. 

Zara's new Zodiac collection includes silk scarves for each of the zodiac signs which are so classy and their designs give me major Dior vibes because Mr. Christian Dior was also obsessed with astrology and everything magical.

Zara Horoscope Collection Scarf Gemini

Zara Horoscope Collection Scarf 3

There are also
bag sets for each sign which include a bag and eye mask, a scrunchy, and a pair of socks. The bag and the eye mask have the zodiac sign embroidered which I find is a very nice touch. And everything comes beautifully packed in a box. That's why I think this could be a perfect gift which is also personal because it has that person's zodiac sign. 

Zara Horoscope Collection Bag Set

Zara Horoscope Collection Bag Set 2

Zara Horoscope Collection Bag Set 3

What do you think about this gift idea? Do you like wearing pieces that have your zodiac sign? Have you already started buying Christmas gifts? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. These items look so lovely :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    SHY -

  3. Beautiful designs! Zara is my favorite always.


  4. What a fun collection from Zara! They always come out with really expensive and unique looking designs! These honestly look vintage. What a fun gift idea!


    1. Thank you so much Jill! Yes and Zara always has amazing quality, these svarves in particula give me major Dior vibes.

  5. Wow it's so pretty! didn't know
    about this Zara collection :)

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  6. I love the bag set. Looks wonderful!

  7. Such a great collection! Zara has so many beautiful gift ideas
    Julia x

  8. Amazing scarves, I found the same on this site Originalluxury